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While indulging in the décor world, you may limit your thoughts on window hardware to only include items such as holdbacks and curtain rods among other parts that make your window get the striking looks you desire while being functional. However, window hardware goes beyond that. Components that make your window operable and function seamless such as sash hardware, hinges, latches, bolts, and cranks are the kinds of window hardware that might make your shopping quite a daunting challenge.

Before heading to the market, you need to understand the type of windows and the hardware that they require. While you may not be a savvy shopper, here is some of the window hardware you need to know.

Casement Hardware

This is the type of window that is hinged on one side and swings to open. For it to be operable, it requires parts including:

  • Hinges: They are the joints on the window that swing for it to open and they are installed on the side.
  • Latches: Available in pivoting lever and vertical styles, casement latches allow you to open and lock the window.
  • Bolts: Bolts are the long arms vertically positioned along the window that keep the sashes from bowing.
  • Casement stays: They are adjusters that allow you to open or close the window to a certain degree following your preference.

Sash Hardware

There are two standard window sashes; single-hung where one panel is fixed and double-hung where both panels move. For the window sashes to be operable, they require the following window hardware:

  • Lifts: Available in varying shapes such as recessed inserts, bar handles, and fingertip-friendly hooks, sash lifts allow you to open and close the sash.
  • Locks: Sash locks are installed at the top of the window, and their function is to secure the sash to keep it closed tightly.
  • Sash cords and pulleys: If you are dealing with an antique window, then you need a pulley and cord to lower and raise the sash.
  • Sash stops: Sash stops helps in keeping the sash open. For the modern sash windows, the stops are built into the jamb. However, for the previous versions, you can choose from the various designs including sash stays, old-school bead adjusters, spring bolts, and tension springs.

Window Bars and Grilles

As you customize your windows, consider bar and grilles that offers additional security as well as decorative features. Window bars can be mounted either vertically or horizontally covering the parts or the whole window. Bars can be locked using a nut and bolt or padlock, and they have a safety release in case of an emergency. Window grills, on the other hand, are nailed or screwed into the window frame, and they have an emergency release as well that is opened from the inside.

With the diverse designs and materials of window hardware in the market, making a sound decision on what to buy can be challenging. As you shop for Truth window hardware parts, consult with the experts at Window Hardware Company to ease your quest.