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These days, ceiling design is one of the trending style used for renovating the interior of homes. Among the variety of ceiling designs available in the market, plaster ceiling design is widely used. The main element of this ceiling type is Plaster of Paris, a fine white gypsum powder, which harden when moistened and allowed to dry. As a result, different shaped moulds are designed firstly according to the requirement of client and then this Plaster of Paris mixture is added to this mold to take that shape. Due to its lightweight and ability to take any shape, Plaster ceiling has edge over other types of ceilings.

Plaster ceiling is ideal for any room, let it be living or dining rooms, kitchen, washrooms or even bedroom!Suspended ceiling made of plaster simply looks fantastic! Its smooth finish possess the power to add glamor, aesthetics, and pleasing touch to the space. This ceiling design allows one to play easily with the lightening effect as lights can be easily installed in it with using numerous techniques.

Unique Plaster Ceiling Designs for Creative Interiors
by Jane Ellison
The above bedroom uses a skillful integration of plaster ceiling and lightening effect. Thought this room is simple, but it looks charming. Ceiling is covered with unique circular pattern with crown moulding at the edges. Dim lights fitted into the ceiling edges highlights the warm colored walls. This combination of yellowish lights and dim colored furniture add warmth to this room, making it a perfect relaxing bedroom. Mostly, this design is preferred for rooms with high ceiling.
Unique Plaster Ceiling Designs for Creative Interiors
by South Shore Decorating
The above picture portrays the scene of kitchen. The plastered ceiling is covered with a layer of pattern at the center and plain panels at the edges. The simple ceiling design is giving an elegant look to this kitchen. In addition to this, white ceiling color together with white kitchen cabinets contrasts with the dark brown wooden flooring and dark blue paneled door opening and built-in. Overall, the whole theme symbolize refreshing atmosphere along with focusing the whole attention to dining table. In short, it is a lively kitchen design.
Unique Plaster Ceiling Designs for Creative Interiors
by Homedit
The above picture displays a wide lounge of room. A feeling of freshness can be sensed in this room because of beautiful natural landscape beyond the windows and cool daylight seeping into the room. This cool effect is further enhanced through the usage of textured plaster ceiling and numerous dim lights, plashing the room with revitalizing aura. The whole setup theme make it a perfect gathering place, where one would love to watch television or play games on PlayStation.
Unique Plaster Ceiling Designs for Creative Interiors
This picture displays a scene of staircase. Open windows, sharp white walls with appliques and flower pattern ceilings, together with wooden flooring is simply breathtaking. Added wainscotingon walls makes this space look tall and spacious. The whole setup is ideal for usage in large hallways of restaurants, homes and museums etc.
Unique Plaster Ceiling Designs for Creative Interiors
by City Homes Design LLC
Do you feel sleepy during your study time? If yes, then you should surely try out this theme. This study room is occupied with darkblue painted walls and white textured plaster ceiling. Built in wall unit color is matching the window trims and wall paint and is perfectly designed to create a contrast and give it style and character. Moreover, open windows beside the table give a mind-refreshing feeling. Overall, it depicts a perfect room for study. 
Unique Plaster Ceiling Designs for Creative Interiors
by Pinterest
The above picture of dining room again uses the concept of playing with bright and dark shades. Dining rooms are essential part of your house since they portray the image of your entire house to your guest, friends and neighbors etc. Therefore, there should be no compromise over their renovation. The oval type patterns are scattered in the shape of parallel rays. Moreover, the lined white accent wall and wooden floor further make this room vibrant. The remaining soothing ambience is fulfilled by wide windows, allowing the sunlight to highlight even the minute details. Even though the ceiling design is simple, it gives a decent touch.

This article highlights the importance of plaster ceiling. Due to its soothing effect, it is ideal for use in various places of your house.Due to its availability, durability and light weight, it is often the first preference among designers.