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In the 21st century, it is becoming more common to see both companies and their customers going green. From huge companies such as Nissan making electric cars using recycled materials, to storage companies like Alison Handling. Saving the planet may well seem like a daunting task, but with a little guidance it can be incredibly easy, and with a little creative spark, it can even be fun!

Check out these examples of the coolest ideas when it comes to upcycling your unwanted items:

Mini Greenhouses

This fantastic idea over at Prairie Cottage Rose demonstrates how to brighten up any home andupcycle your unwanted tote boxes into these fantastic mini greenhouses! Perfect for those green fingered gardeners with limited space, these can be put together indoors, or out, and you don’t need a huge garden to get creative! Find them here!

Crab Trap Side Table

This stylish front room side table found in this South Carolina retreat is made from an upcycled Crab Trap. Simple and effective, it really helps bring this Shabby Chic style together, and it helps save the planet, even better! Find it here!

Milk Crate Ottoman

These super snazzy Ottoman’s are made from upcycled plastic milk crates and fabric! Not only do they make for unique furniture for around the home, if the seat is on a hinge, they can double up as storage too! Brilliant for your budget, your extra space and the planet! The best part about it, is it’s completely up to your taste what style they’re in. Pick the size, the fabric and the colour, it’s all yours! Find them here!

Cardboard Box Chair

This super one of a kind chair is made of 127 flattened and compressed cardboard boxes. In the western world we get through tons and tons of cardboard, from deliveries to storage. Imagine how many trees could be saved if we started building all our furniture out of recycled card! Check out the feature here.

Room Dividers

This incredible piece, part room divider-part storage space comes from Recycle Art, and is without one of the coolest uses of upcycled materials we’ve ever seen. It makes for a super individual idea, and also a brilliant addition to any open plan apartment or room that requires privacy! Take a look at some more pictures here!