Use Dropcloths To Protect Your Home During A Project

It is no secret that a home improvement or construction project can get messy. Your home is full of dust, debris and paint, and you may be worried about the mess ruining your features or items. Luckily, companies such as Trimaco offer dropcloths to keep your home safe from the mess that comes with a home improvement project.

Here are several tips for protecting your home from paint, dust and debris using Trimaco dropcloths.

Choose Your Products

You can find a variety of dropcloths from Trimaco, so you want to think about the details of your project before choosing a dropcloth. The canvas and plastic cloths are available in different sizes and weights, and a folding dropcloth is a good choice if you are looking for a simple solution. You can also find cloths that are slip and leak resistant to ensure you are not dealing with a mess later. It is important to choose a cloth that fits your home project. A small or lightweight cloth may not be a good choice if your project is going to use a lot of paint.

Clean The Floor

If you have a wood floor, be sure to clean up the loose items and debris before you lay down the dropcloth. The items trapped under the dropcloth are going to be pressed against the surface, which could result in scratches on your wood floor.

Fold Instead of Cutting

If your dropcloth is bigger than the space that needs to be covered, fold the dropcloth instead of cutting it. You do not want to cut your dropcloth only to realize you needed the full size for another project.
Tape The Dropcloth

Trimaco offers “Stay Put” canvas cloths to make your paint job an easier task, but it never hurts to tape down the edges of the dropcloth. It keeps the cloth in place and prevents the paint from leaking through the edges. It is best to use painters tape to prevent damage to your items. Another option is to use tacks or small nails to keep the cloth in place, but you may find small holes in your trim or borders later.

Spread and Tape Again

Spread the dropcloth throughout the room you are painting. You may have only had it partially spread when you were taping it down the first time, and now is the time to make sure the dropcloth covers the entire area. Once it is spread, place a second layer of painters tape over the dropcloth and trim to keep it in place.

If you are looking to protect your home during a project, invest in high-quality dropcloths from Trimaco.