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More and more people are exploring ways to reduce clutter and thereby reduce stress in their day to day lives. We cannot deny the fact that we spend a good deal of our time in the kitchen and an organized, well designed kitchen can save your time and energy that could be used productively elsewhere. 

Some people could prefer to opt for byta köksluckor själv that are fully assembled and are ready to be installed .These are usually easy on the budget and are designed keeping in mind popular designs and colours for kitchens. They are extremely easy to install but have little room for customization. You can choose from a wide array of drawers and cabinets that suit your requirement. If you are planning to assemble them on your own it will be a good idea to hire help or involve a family member.  Although you end up saving a lot in case of these cabinets you surely need some skills to safely install them.

Some useful tips köksrenovering that are easy on the budget for a modest kitchen is to opt for an open kitchen that is functional and offers an integration of family space with the kitchen. It could actually create opportunities for a family for increased interactions.

Another idea is to add a touch of colour that could make a huge difference to the way your kitchen looks. You could use open shelves to create illusion of space, add a bright colour to the background or maybe paint a wall in a contrast colour to add brightness to an otherwise plain kitchen décor.

A kitchen island topper is another good area to create more storage space for storing your everyday wares and for that matter seating. Just keep in mind to create comfortable seating height. You can use your creativity to the hilt when it comes to designing a kitchen island topper.

Creating tailor made storage places for your pots and pans can be tricky as they tend to stick out because of their peculiar lids. Consider vertical open shelves that can store your wares and opt for vibrant, attractive colours for your pottery.

Add a dash of greenery by planting tiny indoor plants to infuse freshness in your kitchen. The key is to focus on space, colour and storage when it comes to making your kitchen a favourite place in your home. All pictures From http://www.ingwallkoket.se/