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According to multiple moving companies, no matter how you cut it; moving is expensive. And it’s not just hiring a moving company that’s costly; it’s gathering all the packing material such as boxes, tape, wrap, cord, and insulation.

However, there are ways you can save a few bucks on packing supplies by getting recycled items and using alternatives to store-bought packing materials.

Packing Up Your Kitchen

Getting your kitchen supplies packing to move is a challenge because many of the items are fragile. Most people use copious amounts of bubble wrap and peanuts to ensure their dishes survive the move. However, instead of using bubble wrap try using paper plates between your dishes to provide cushioning. Also, you can use old tee shirts or other soft clothing items as packing material in place of foam peanuts.

Also, try using pillows for packing material to keep everything secure.


It’s common to put books into boxes, but you can skip the boxes and bind your books together with rope or cord. This makes them easy to carry and saves you money from having to buy extra boxes.


When people move their bedrooms, it’s common to take the clothes out of the drawers and box them up, but you don’t have to do that. Instead, wrap your clothes in plastic garbage bags to keep them folded and neat, and store them right back in your drawers.

This saves you time from having to unpack and re-fold everything and saves you money on packing materials.

Use Found Items

Before the advent of big box hardware stores, most people went out searching for boxes at their local grocery store, which is still a good practice if you want to save money. Many businesses such as grocery stores, restaurants, and wineries throw out boxes everyday, most of which are perfect for your needs. Spend an afternoon going through town and loading up on all the boxes you can grab.

Rent a Box

If you’re not into driving all over the place to scrounge up some boxes, an alternative is to rent a reusable tub.

These plastic tubs are becoming more and more popular with people who need to move because they’re cheaper than buying boxes, and better for the environment because they’re used over and over.

Use Your Own Blankets

Most people have old blankets and comforters lying around, which would make excellent protection for delicate furniture instead of having to rent or buy real ‘moving blankets.’

Spare the Tape

It’s common to tape up the top and the bottom of boxes when you’re moving, but really, you only need to secure the base when transporting items that aren’t delicate. Leave the top untapped and fold the flaps to keep the contents secure.

A Word About Liquid

Moving liquids can be a nightmare with bottles spilling their contents all over your vehicle. To stop this, try putting your bottles into a plastic zip bag first to prevent them from leaking. Also, store the bottles upright in an open box and secure the box, so the bottles don’t fall over.