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Moving home is a big change in anyone’s life. There’s so much to prepare that you can get lost in amongst the boxes and furniture that’s piled to the ceiling ready for moving. When preparing the moving vehicle, a moving van is a great option to choose for a number of reasons.

Moving Boxes And Furniture

One reason is that the enclosed sides help to keep the boxes and furniture intact, and of course from falling onto the road during transit. However, in order to maximize the room inside a moving van to your best advantage you need to pack it right the first time. The following is an expert guide with tips on the best ways to pack a moving van when moving boxes and furniture. Let’s take a look now.

Top Tips To Pack Your Moving Van

1. Packing and Moving Furniture

When packing your moving van, it’s a good idea to move the furniture first. The reason for this is that it’s easier to manoeuvre furniture in an empty house than having to work around boxes. To pack your moving van with furniture there’s a few things you can consider. These include:

· Load taller items first at the front of the moving van. If loaded at the back, they have a higher chance of falling out when the doors open. Try to load furnituretogether that is similar in shape as this will allow for more room to pack more items.

· When packing your furniture use an old blanket or pieces of large cardboard in between each piece of furniture. This will minimize the risk of scratches occurring from rubbing during the trip. For more delicate pieces of furniture use a more substantial buffer between pieces such as bubble wrap.

· Avoid packing lose boxes or smaller furniture pieces on top orin-between the furniture as they may come lose and damage other items in the van. Unless they’re secure, don’t add them into the van.

· If you have to stack items on top of each other, always make sure the heavier furniture pieces are at the bottom.

· When loading appliances, such as a fridge or a freezer, never tip them on their sides as this can damage their inner components.

· When moving lounges, you can place them lengthwise in the van. To maximise space, you can pack boxes on the lounge if they’re secure enough to help make the trip worthwhile.

2. Packing and Moving Boxes

When moving boxes after you’ve moved all your large and bulky furniture, it’s important to consider a few things. These include:

Moving Boxes And Furniture

· Start by packing the van with boxes from one room at a time. This will not only keep you organized but will also make it easier to unload at the new home.

· Work on loading the heavier boxes into the van first. These will create a stable supporting base for the rest of the boxes to be installed. Start covering around 2 to 3 rows of boxes on the floor to begin with. Once you have done this then start to stack these boxes with lighter boxes on top. Depending on what’s inside the boxes you can stack them as high as you need to. However, the height that you stack them needs to be on every row as this will create a sturdier structure within the van. This will reduce the risk of boxes falling over during the drive.

· Move fragile items together and place them on floor level only, as this will reduce the risk of them breaking from a fall.

· Create a jigsaw effect to make sure all spaces are filled to avoid any items moving in transit. If you have an area where you can’t fill it with a box use an old blanket in its place.


When it comes to moving home with a moving van, it’s always a good idea to get additional tips to make the process much easier. Moving vans come in handy because of their enclosed space that keeps all your items confined in the one area. If you’re new to moving, don’t let yourself get caught with these rookie mistakes of packing a moving van. So did these tips help you pack your moving van more successfully?

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