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Many people want their home to be just perfect both from exterior and interior point of view. And why not as any home reflects a lot about the people who resides in it. Exterior of the home is important but it is the interior that matters the most. A home should be perfect in every sense from drawing room, restroom, kitchen, kid’s room to even the flooring.

Flooring is one aspect of any home that can add charm to its interior. When we talk about flooring, there are numerous alternatives available in the market for flooring like the most loved wooden flooring,ceramic tiles and marbles. But today there are many flooring options available for people who think to do something different with their home floor.

One such thing is the vinyl flooring that is certainly getting popular among home owners especially in kitchen and bathroom applications. The reason behind vinyl flooring’s growing popularity is that it is water resistant, stain resistant, versatile and offer more durability at a price that is more economical than the traditional alternatives. Due to many advancements over the years today vinyl-flooring which is a synthetic cousin of linoleum has become economical and attractive.

Types of Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is of two types: sheet flooring and tile flooring. Sheet flooring is laid down in sheets which are 6 or 12 feet wide while the tiles flooring is laid down using tiles of 9″x9″ or 12″x12″ size. Though sheet flooring is more water resistant and require less installation expertise but home owners mostly prefer vinyl tile because they resembles the look of a ceramic tile and are more cost-effective than the sheet flooring.

Vinyl tile flooring is often preferred for areas that generally have constant high traffic or where a clean or static free environment is required. That is why it is a perfect versatile and economical alternative for any house. It is also a great replacement for high maintenance flooring like carpet.

Vinyl flooring is known for its warm and soft atmosphere but it also has numerous other advantages. Let’s have alook at some of them:

1: Quick Installation

Installation of vinyl flooring is really fast because of the Uniclic click system. There is absolutely no need to buy additional tools as the Uniclic system assist you in assembling the planks manually. It is a great alternative for people looking to keep it simple.

2: Easy To Maintain

Vinyl flooring is dust and water resistant and hence regular mopping or vacuuming is enough to keep the flooring in excellent conditions for years to come.

3: No Cold Feet

Many of you like to roam around barefoot in your house both in summer and winter and that unfortunately results in cold feet. But this will not be the case anymore when you have vinyl flooring. This is because vinyl flooring is warm to touch and soft to walk on.

4: It Can Be Installed Anywhere

Vinyl flooring is not specifically for a particular area of the home like kitchen or bathroom but it can be used in any room of any size. Its anti-dust floor lasts many years even in humid environment.

5: It Is More Durable

Vinyl flooring is very durable and sturdy. Because of its top layer it is quite pressure-resistant making it a perfect fit for surfaces that have constant high traffic.