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It is a debate that has raged for decades in the minds of
homeowners and decorators alike – paint, or wallpaper?

This split seems to be pretty 50/50. Both are prominent in
homes around the world. The living room is a wallpaper standard, whereas the
bathroom is the domain of paint. But what if you didn’t want to mix and match,
and just wanted to pick one or the other for your entire home – what are the
positives and negatives for both wallpapering and painting?
We’ve compiled a list looking at the good and bad points of
each approach. While we’ll be making broad strokes, these are the general
things to keep in mind when making the decision.

Wallpapering – Pros

 The biggest point in wallpaperings favour is its inherent
variety. If you want complex patterns or diverse colour palettes with your
painting, you are likely going to have to hire a decorator.
Wallpaper, however, is available in innumerable colours, patterns, and styles.
And if you don’t like the style? Change it! If you hire a
decorator to create unique patterns on your wall and you don’t like them,
you’ll have to think long and hard about a new pattern, while weighing up the
potential costs again. If you bring a roll of wallpaper home, and you can tell
from the first strip that it isn’t going to work, just take it back to the shop
and get a new roll.

Painting – Pros

 Paintings big plus point is it’s adaptability. Whereas
wallpaper has it beat for pattern diversity (at least without getting fancy),
paint can go anywhere without looking out of place. It is just at home in the
living room as it is in the bathroom ,the bedroom, the kitchen, the hall, and
even the cupboard under the stairs.
It is also incredibly easy to do if you just
want block colours. All you need is a bucket of paint, a paintbrush or a
roller, and some common sense. It can actually be a fun and enjoyable
experience, unlike the tedium of lining up wallpaper or, worst still, steaming
wallpaper off the wall.

Wallpapering – Cons

 Wallpaper isn’t
all that adaptable. Though advances have been made to make it water
still isn’t a common sight in bathrooms and busy kitchens, due to the adverse
effect water can have on it. Even if you can find some water resistant
wallpaper, it still may look odd being in such unfamiliar territory.
Wallpaper generally requires more upkeep, too. Keeping it
dry is one thing, but should it tear, sometimes the only option is to steam the
wallpaper off and put a new strip up. With paint, if you have some colour left,
a chip can be covered in seconds.

Painting – Cons

 Though it is considered a “safe” option, other people may
see paint as the “boring” option, too. Unless you go elaborate, the paint may
look a little bland next to the infinite amount of wallpaper patterns
available. So using paint unimaginatively could result in your home looking a
little lacklustre.
And as mentioned above, going elaborate comes at a cost. A
decorator is also liable to take longer, which may put you behind schedule and
above budget in comparison to going down the wallpapering route.