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When is the last time you thought about your
furnace?  The truth is, most people don’t
give their furnaces much thought at all. 
That is, as long as they are working as they should be.  It’s only when your furnace stops working
that it gets your attention.  The trouble
with that is that by the time your furnace stops working altogether, you could
be in for a costly repair bill.  Prevent
that situation by knowing the warning signs to look for.

Getting on
in years
Just like the rest of us, your furnace won’t work as
well in its old age as it did when it was new. 
Generally, a furnace will have a lifespan of about 15 years, so if yours
is approaching that mark it may not be performing as it should and it might be
time to upgrade.  Upgrading your furnace
will avoid the inevitable HVAC repair NYC homeowners will have to face with an
older furnace.  What’s more, you’ll also
save money because your new furnace will be more energy efficient.
A spike in
your monthly bills
If you’ve noticed that your energy bills have been higher
than usual lately, that could your furnace’s way of telling you it needs some
attention.  It’s possible that your
furnace isn’t working at optimal levels, causing it to work harder and use more
energy to produce the same amount of heat.
Things that go
bump in the night
If you’ve ever asked yourself “what’s that strange
noise?” in your house, what you’re hearing could be your furnace’s cry for
help.  A malfunctioning furnace will make
its presence known by squeaking, moaning or banging.  Don’t ignore these sounds; they could
indicate a serious issue.
repair club
Are you a member of the Frequent Furnace Repair Club?
If you have recently become on a first-name basis with
the furnace repair man, it might be time to replace your furnace.  It’s normal to try to buy time by repairing a
furnace with things start to go wrong, but the truth is you can actually save
money by replacing a furnace that frequently breaks down with a new one.  If you’ve had a series of service calls in
the recent past, it could be time to look into replacing your furnace.
If you are struggling to keep the temperature constant
in your house, that could be a sign that your furnace needs to be fixed.  When a furnace doesn’t work optimally, it can
struggle to keep the temperature constant and you can end up having to
constantly adjust the thermostat.  That
uses more energy and costs more money.
If you notice any of these symptoms, call your furnace
repair technician.  They can evaluate
your furnace and determine whether or not you might be better off replacing
your furnace.  The most important thing
is to pay attention to these signs and symptoms, because they are very likely
your furnace’s way of telling you something is wrong.