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Though we never expect it, water damage is something that can affect any home and turn a pleasant day into a mess. When a pipe bursts or a flood hits, something small can turn into a disaster if it isn’t caught. During such a stressful experience, it’s important to know the next step: contacting a water damage restoration professional to remove the water and help your house return to normal. If you’re a homeowner (or a business) then you should be aware of the importance of fast response when faced with a wet disaster. Water damage is one of the single most destructive events a homeowner can face due to the long lasting effects and damaging potential of water. From ruined photos and furniture, to soaked electronics and computers, it is the most important thing to get ahead of the disaster and move forward.

Signs of Water Damage

The first signs of water damage can be heard to detect. Is there a noticeable decrease in water flow in your sinks and faucets? Have you noticed a musty odor coming from basements, or bathrooms? This can indicate a build-up of water in those areas, and can lead to greater problems including toxic mold growths and structural damage to your home or apartment. You may want to start by calling a plumber or handyman to fix the leak first, or to identify where the leak is. You should do this before you move forward with remediation, as this step is important to prevent a bad situation from getting worse.

Reaching Out to a Professional

Contacting a water damage restoration company in your area to help is the first thing you’ll want to do. Many have a 24/7 emergency service line for late-night leaks, spills, and floods. But why is this so important? Removing the water immediately will help you in the long run and can save you thousands of dollars. A quick response will stop the water from doing more damage and will prevent the water from sitting for a long time. Water that sits for a long time often causes long-term problems like mold damage and illness. You’ll also want to call as soon as possible since the water can be polluted. Storm water and sewage backup can be dangerous to leave sitting in your house for any length of time, so don’t wait to call a professional.

Final Notes

A professional will evaluate the water damage, stop the cause, and then work to remove and fix the damage as well as take steps to prevent the damage in the future. This process involves removing damaged drywall and flooring, drying effected areas, pumping out collected water, and other types of restoration work. To keep your home healthy, safe, and dry, you should contact a water damage restoration company in your area as soon as you know you have a problem! Save time, money, and your house with help from an expert in the field, and you’ll be happy with how much time and frustration you saved!