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We all want our homes to feel current, even if we are embracing any sort of retro or vintage design aesthetic. There is a difference between adopting trends of times past and simply living in a dated home.

If you’re afraid you are suffering from the latter, there are plenty of ways to update your Sydney property and add a bit of modernist flair. From exterior renovations to interior fixtures and accessories, the opportunities to modernise your home are vast.

We have rounded up several of the easiest and most effective methods that will turn your home from out-of-date to ahead of the times in no time at all!

Before we begin, we must highlight one of the key elements when designing a modern property: choose classic designs that will hold up for years to come. This ensures that your home remains contemporary even as trends come in and out of vogue. A truly modern home is a timeless home, not one that is beholden to ever-changing fads.

Here are a few ways to add a modernist feel to your home in a sophisticated and tasteful manner:

  1. Take advantage of natural, earthy hues: Earth tones never go out of style, meaning your home will always look contemporary if it features these sorts of colours. Greys, browns, tans and creams are also great for opening up your space and making it feel larger than it is.
  2. Decorate with art that you love: If you really like something, it will never go out of fashion. Rather than picking home decor that is trendy and “of the time”, opt for something you truly enjoy, whether it is popular at the moment or not. If you do decide that you no longer like the art you have on display, it’s pretty effortless to switch it out for something else.
  3. Amp up your space with mirrors: Mirrors are classic and are also a great way to make small spaces seeml roomier. They come in all sorts of designs to suit your home’s overall theme, yet are simple enough that they still appear modern no matter what variety you pick.
  4. Consider the addition of shutters: Plantation shutters are one of the most timeless window covering options out there. They have been considered a stylish and customisable choice for centuries, and are still holding up in the current environment. They also allow for lots of natural light, which can help modernise your space.interior design 2018
  5. Replace your outdated light fixtures: Any lamps, chandeliers and other light sources that look old-fashioned (and not in a fun, intentional way) are a dead giveaway that your home is out-of-date. Luckily, a swap out for new and improved fixtures is a relatively easy and affordable way to upgrade the look of your home.
  6. Fill your home with plants. Like natural tones, elements of nature (like indoor plants and wooden accessories) hold up well over time, as flora is largely unchanging. Plants help add new life to an antiquated home and also promote health and wellbeing.
  7. Rearrange your furniture: Modernising your home does not necessarily require investing in a whole new living room suite. Re-organising your furniture setup and perhaps adding some new throw rugs or pillows may be enough to enhance the appearance of your property.





There are so many ways to update the look of your Australian residence without breaking the bank or putting forth unnecessary amounts of effort. These seven tips can help get you started on your path towards modernising your Sydney home.

What other suggestions do you have for property owners looking to improve the look of their house or other property? We’d love to hear what you have to offer!