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There are certain points in a business when it is time to make a change. Sometimes it’s when a company is just starting out, and sometimes when a company has been in a space for a long time and productivity and moods are starting to become static. There are many relatively cheap and simple ways in which you can change your office space to improve the efficiency, environment, and overall health of your office. There are some ways to change your office that are free and just involve some organization and moving of furniture. There are other changes that may cost anywhere from little to large sums of money, depending on what you buy and how much you spread out spending. But, for many companies and organizations, the spending is worth it in the long run because of how well changes can invigorate and improve offices.

Add Some Color

Having to stare at a completely white office space is boring and can drain the energy and enthusiasm of your employees. The ideal office space, to some extent, reflects the type of work that you do. Painting or wallpapering your walls in neutral and muted colors are good for more conservative lines of work such as banking and legal services. For more creative offices such as graphic designers and magazine offices, a more vibrant and warmer approach to color makes sense. Incorporating your company’s name or logo in the office space is also a good way to incorporate branding and make the space look united under one company.

Keep Aesthetics in Mind

One of the definitions of aesthetics is something that is pleasing in appearance. Aesthetics is a good principle to keep in mind when decorating the business office. Deciding where you place office furniture and how you use lighting can be important in making your office and atmosphere comfortable and conducive for you and your employees. Turn off harsh overhead fluorescent lights, or turn on less of them instead of all. Take advantage of the natural light that can come into your workspace. It is also a good idea, if it is possible, to position your desk so that you can have privacy and comfort, but are still able to greet visitors and connect with co-workers.

Get Rid of Office Clutter

It’s always good to allow employees to bring in a couple of items to decorate their desk if they have room, but there is a point when there is too much. File boxes, stacks of documents, and other office supplies just clutter desks. Go through documents one stack or box at a time and over time you will see more of the desk and reduced clutter. After clearing out piles, your employees may even feel more organized and energetic.

Connect with Artists

A great way to invigorate your office space is to connect with the local artist community. There are many artists out there who want to showcase their work and would be more than willing to work with you to put up a show in your office. The artists’ show can bring in something new to the office and is also a good way to add color and style to your office.Curating a show for an artist is also a great way to help the artist you are showing by letting them gain recognition from your clients, customers, visitors, and employees.
Buy Better Furniture and Office Equipment

Buying new office equipment such as computers, keyboard trays, and ergonomic office chairs for your employees is a great way to improve the morale of everyone in your office. Back pain, eye strain, and carpal tunnel from sitting in an uncomfortable chair for long amounts of time, or having to bend over a desk can be huge drains on productivity on everyone. You don’t have to buy them all at once but maybe buy one grouping at a time or even update one piece at a time. Not only will the office look more updated, but in the ergonomic chairs and with the proper keyboard support/placement, your employees will be happier and healthier in a more healthful work environment.
Chris Garrett is a freelance writer who works often with MegaPrint Inc. and is an interior design expert. He enjoys writing about how to make spaces more conducive to work and improving the mood of a room with color and decoration.