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Wood adds elegance to any space and known for its high durability and long-lasting nature. However, it requires extra effort to properly clean and prevent the wood. Nowadays many homes are built with the wood floor as it is the timeless choice over others. In this post, check out the ways to protect the wood floor from damage.

  1. Sweep and Clean Regularly

It is important to sweep the wood floor regularly to increase its life. You should not even ignore the smallest particles or dust as it can damage the floor drastically. Make a habit of sweeping the floor to eliminate the elements that cause dust or dent or scratch on the floor.

Clean up the spills and leaks as and when they happen with the soft cloth. Remember to dry the floor afterward. Never mop the wood floor as the moisture can damage the floor. The water can seep into the woods and can cause the wood floor to swell, warp or even twist.  If you require cleaning the floor than use the damp rag and dry the floor immediately after its usage.

  1. Properly Vacuum

You can use the vacuum to clean but remember to use the right attachment during floor cleaning. If you use the wrong attachment then it can lead to the scratching of the floor. Hence, choose the hardwood attachment carefully for cleaning.  The attachment is designed in such a way that it cleans gently but at the same time, it is helpful in removing the dirt and dust off.

  1. Protect from Moisture

You must be protecting the solid hardwood from moisture heavy areas including laundry rooms, full bathrooms and basement. However, wood flooring in the kitchen can lead to seep the water due to sinks or dishwasher area or from the refrigerator. It is suggested to use the rubber mats as they can protect the floor from the moisture due to seepage in the kitchen.

  1. Have the Proper Coating

The coating on the hardwood should be of top quality. Remember no wood floor should be uncoated for the longer time. It acts as a good medium in the high traffic areas such as kitchens, top of the stairs, pivot points including fridge and sink, interior doors and living room. You can, in fact, apply the polish for better results. For more details on polishing prices click here.

  1. Take off Your Shoes

If you wear the shoes inside the home then pay attention as wearing high heels can cause the significant damage to the floor. They act as the hammers for the hardwood surface. It is the best practice to leave the shoes outside the home. Removing your shoes can prevent the floor from scratches, scuffs, and dings. Even the shoes with the soft bottom can cause the dirt in the floor transforming your shoes into the sandpaper. You can ask your guests to take off the shoes outside and offer them soft slipper while entering the home.

  1. Prevent Scratches

If you have pets at your home then it is important to keep their nails short and filed smooth. Their claws can dent the wood if they belong to larger or heavier breed. Place pads near chair, sofas, and tables to prevent the scratches. This is an inexpensive and easy way to protect the floor from the scratches. You can fix the scratches by hand sanding ranging #180- 100# with fine grit sandpaper. Follow the process of light clear coating. For dents and gouges, you can use a wax touch up the stick to fill the groove. Use the soft and dry cloth to rub off excess material.

  1. Use Rugs and Carpets

Placing the rugs and carpets over the hardwood floor is a good way to protect them from dent, dust, dirt, and scratches. It is suitable to place them in the entryways and hallways. In fact, you can also place pads underneath the legs of your furniture so that during shifting you can prevent the floor from getting scratched. Doormat is another way to protect your floor. Placing it at the door will remind your guest to take off the shoes. Rugs, Mats, and carpets can also be helpful in preventing the moisture. Avoid rubber backed mats as they lock the moisture and have adverse effects in damaging the floor.

  1. Implement a Care Schedule

There is regular maintenance required to keep the floor shiny, lustrous and durable. Besides cleaning, you should also consider applying the finish coating every 5-7 years. Wood floor with wax coating required to be stripped off and you need to apply a new coating of the wax layer every year or so.

These are some of the important ways to protect your floor from damage. Follow them and have the wooden floor with beautiful additions to your home. Floor will last for many years and one of the desirable elements when you sell the home.