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With temperatures breaching extreme levels due to
climate change and global warming, wouldn’t it be nice to kick back and have a
quick dip in cool waters without needing to travel long distances, experience overcrowding
at public pools or beaches, or even pay exorbitant accommodation fees?
Lots of homeowners dream of adding a swimming pool to
their property for these reasons. Additionally, swimming pools can increase a
property’s resale value.
But despite the appeal and convenience of having your
own swimming pool in your backyard, conventional swimming pools can adversely
affect your and your family’s health and even the environment.
Ever noticed how dry your skin felt even after just a
few minutes of swimming in a pool? You can blame chlorine and conventional pool
cleaners for that. These chemicals can also cause a host of skin diseases
including eczema and rashes. Prolonged exposure to these can even lead to
premature skin aging, respiratory issues like asthma, and even cancer. If you
have children, would you like them to be vulnerable to these?
If you still want to have your own swimming pool, you
can have your cake and eat it, too. How? With natural pools.
Ever noticed how refreshing and how good to your skin
swimming in a natural body of water like a spring or waterfall feels? The main
reason for this is that these bodies of water are not contaminated with harmful
chemicals. With natural swimming pools or NSPs, you can replicate the
beneficial effects of bathing in natural bodies of water, with the option to
design it like a conventional pool or to make it look like a pond which will
fit your property’s landscape.
Just like Aquaponics, NSPs work by drawing inspiration
from Mother Nature. An NSP is comprised of two parts: the swimming area and the
regeneration area. The regeneration area is what separates an NSP from
conventional pools, acting as a cleansing area which utilises plants like
reeds, cattails and lilies. These plants effectively replace the chemicals used
in conventional swimming pools by acting as filters.
But wait, won’t these plants attract harmful bugs to
your pool? The presence of these plants will definitely attract animals to your
pool. However, you do not have to worry about these as the animals attracted to
your pool are the beneficial ones. These, along with the use of a water pump,
can help you control harmful pests like mosquitoes.
Mimicking the natural bodies of water through NSPs
also offer other benefits. For one, you do not need to invest much time and
effort into maintenance as the pool practically maintains itself. And because
you do not need to drain an NSP, you can save a huge amount on your water bill
while protecting the environment against water that is heavily laden with
harmful chemicals.
About the Author:

Kenneth Lawrence is a passionate “handyman”.
His craft involves DIY concepts and he likes sharing guidelines and tips about
stuff on home improvement. He writes and reads about almost anything that can
help him hone his skills and increase his knowledge about DIY concepts.