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When days
get all glum and dreary, a bit of color can brighten up the mood and add a dash
or refreshment to your daily routine. That’s why putting in some tasteful
backyard accessories, colorful flowers and a handful of outdoor extras in
carefully selected tones can prove just the right remedy to all your
dull-garden woes. In case you’re not sure which colors and pieces of gear to
look out for when setting out to furnish and landscape your backyard, we have a
few convenient tips for you right here to help your out pick the right tones
and accessories.

Brighten it up: Vivid details to light up the

People with
gardens that all prim and proper may at times feel the wish to step out of the
cozy box and bring in some cool accessories to break the monotonous landscape
pattern can opt for vivid details like multicolored parasols or white shade
sails. On top of their garden design supplement qualities, carefully picked details in some invigorating colors can
also be extremely functional, For example, that striped parasol or pastel shade
sail will come mightily in handy on bright summer days, and you will certainly
appreciate the comfort and peace of that green hammock after a long day’s work.

Natural tones: Solids to ground the atmosphere

If you
prefer darker natural tones to bright and mixed up colors, you can decide to
add some garden containers in solid hues to complement your designer outdoor furniture. Apart from providing a refreshing design addition to your garden, backyard
containers like china pots, wooden chests and oversized toolboxes are a
one-stop solution to have around when the need for extra storage space arises.
There is a range of containers in various designs, materials and sizes
available in home improvement stores and online, so if you want to add a chest
or two to your backyard, make sure you check them out and pick one or a handful
in your favorite colors.

Comfort first: Pillows in all shapes and hues

There’s nothing better than a late night cocktail on a nicely furnished veranda to
round off your long summer day. Well, before you go and pour that drink, you
may as well grab a handful of tastefully colored pillows in the shapes and
sizes you like best and toss them around your porch. In addition to providing
optimum comfort for your parties and solo drinks al fresco, beautiful pillows
and cushions with light-colored stripes, prints and dots can also add a dash of
style to your porch so they will definitely prove a valuable investment in the
long run. Depending on your other outdoor gear, you may pick cushions and
padding in vivid or pastel tones, and you can also opt for customized sizes
that match your veranda seating.
Loving life
even on grim days is essential and it is if you have an pen mind – and a
tastefully decorated garden, too. When adding new bits and pieces to your
backyard, combining and mixing colors and designs is essential, so before you
go and buy some new garden accessories, make sure you know exactly what you
need – and in which shade, too.