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thinking about redecorating your apartment, you want it to look good, and you
want to end up with a space you would like to spend your time in. With bigger
spaces it is much easier, you can have a lot of shelves, lamps, rugs, and
pictures on the walls and it will still look spacious and comfortable. Sadly,
when it comes to smaller spaces there is only as little as you can do to make
it look more spacious, if you are prevented from actually making it look bigger.
So, here is what you should do if you want to create the illusion of a brighter
and bigger space.
Why color maters so much

floor, ceiling, and walls are actually the biggest parts of your apartment and
they take up the most space. You can place furniture on the floor, and pictures
on the wall, but you will still be able to see the rest of floors and walls,
not to mention the ceiling. To allow colors to open the space up, you can have
everything painted in neutral, light hues which radiate and reflect light, and
you should even think about having your floors on the lighter shade as well. If
you really want a darker shade on the walls and ceiling, try breaking the
pattern by placing a large, bright area rug on the floor, and do try to keep
dark furniture on the minimum as well.
Is white the best and only choice?

anyone can tell you, white is the best solution for small spaces, but it also
makes everything look sterile and cold. If you know how to mix colors and what
hues look best on your walls, you will be able to paint everything in different
color and still have the feeling that the room is spacious. People tend to
paint the ceilings plain white because it really opens up the space, but it is
a mistake, for plain white ends up looking gray, it takes the room down.
Instead, choose a light cream shade which will have similar effect but will not
look as dull.
Don’t follow the rules strictly

patterns are classic and they will make your room look like something out of a
magazine, but eventually it will become empty and lack true life vibrancy. To
prevent this from happening, you should think about breaking the
well-established patterns and add other shades and colors, which will make the
room truly come alive and look (and feel) better. Breaking patterns bring
relief to your eyes and mind as well, and it will also make the space seem ten
times more comfortable and warm.
Get the bigger picture

know how things change in the course of the day; the same is with color of your
walls. Your walls will not look the same in the morning light and in the
evening under electric light, so you should keep that in mind when choosing
paint. When looking at colors, look at them several times in twelve hours, so
you get the good idea of how it looks through the day. Test the paint for a
while, paint one or two walls and let it ‘sit’ for a while, a week perhaps, and
if you like what you see – that is your color.
The exact shade you were looking for
Look for Paint Online and see if you can find the hue your room really
needs. If your space is small, opt for something else than white: light grey,
beige, cream, etc. There are hues called ‘Gray Owl’ and ‘November Rain’ which,
besides having an imaginative name, also offer a step back from traditional
white walls and give a fresh and open look with a hint of color which makes the
space some alive.

It is
not difficult to redecorate and renovate your living space so that it looks and
feels more spacious, if only you get the right ideas and implement them the
right way. You can find a lot if great ideas online, and if you have patience
and time, you can try experimenting a bit and implement a bit of this and a bit
of that into your space, so that you would get the best and unique result.