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furnishing is a never ending process of decorating the home. Starting from our
home entrance, you proceed to the store room to make an appealing look and
loving to live in. However, it’s really hard to finalize a single item from the
pool of decorative stuff available in the market. But when we look into the in-depth
details of any stuff, it becomes easy and convenient for us to opt one of many.

So, today I
am going to share my experience of furniture from Regency Shop. However, all
the stuff was just awesome, but few of them were what I loved the most.
Let’s read the experience now…

The first
furniture is Ibiza Char which calls my eyes at just one glimpse. The single
piece stainless steel frame is just made to add beauty to the chair along with
a strong base.  Generally there are
multiple parts connected together via bolts, but here there is only a single
frame. So, the absence of screws, bolts gives a longer and stronger life to the
furniture.  When tested, the frame was
also found to be stronger as compared to other commonly available home
furnishing items. The “DESIGN FIRST” concept followed in its manufacturing is
appreciable. This chair is made on the furniture first shown in Barcelona, Spain
in 1929.
Ibiza Chair

Second comes
the Chesterfield Sofa, which is more than just a traditional sofa. With its
first look, what I experienced is the blend of fashion with the feel of
tradition. The sofa is made of full grain leather or fabric. The scrolled arms
make it more comfortable sitting. This sum of luxury and old fashion just looks
awesome in the form of this decorative sofa. The elegant look is more
enlightened with the addition of wooden footrest. But, what I experienced that
a bit of modern look could also be provided to this artifact.

One more product was really amazing. What now in trend is the chair with some out of the
concept chair like the egg chair. This concept
was initially created by Arne Jacobsen in 1958 for the Radisson SAS hotel in
Copenhagen. Since then, it has become a fashion
asset. The best part of this egg chair is the relaxing posture which I get from
it. With a broad base, embedded with a dingle extension supporting the chair,
it doesn’t occupy a big space in the room.
Egg Chair – Arne Jacobsen
There are
multiple colors which you can select while opting this as your home decore and
furniture asset. The colors are available with the assurance of durability. So,
you don’t need to bother about its quality anyhow.
These are
some of the most alluring stuff from Regency Shop, which I loved the most. I
will purely recommend you all to test them and experience the fell you will get. Not only a feel, but a charming outlook
will also be experienced in terms of home decoration. So, on my
personal assessment, the furnitures are really good and suggestible too.
Just go for it once…