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Every year, new inventions come out that trigger the Shopaholic in us. These new things come in so many forms; clothes, food, gadgets. One of the things that really make a buzz in the market is when a new appliance comes out. From kitchen appliances to smart home appliances, one can never know what to expect on the menu. Home appliances are such good buys. They help us enough in our homes, but upgraded ones are a whole different thing. They don’t only help us do the job; some of them actually make our lives at home, comfortable and stylish, so much so that there’s barely a need for us to go outside to entertain ourselves with incredible new inventions or simply take in a cozy and picturesque scene. So what does 2019 have in store for us? Let’s check out some of the appliances to look out for this year in this appliance reviewer article.

Appliances with Customizable Colors

One of the things that stop the designers in us, is when our appliances have a fixed color. When we first start interior decorating in our homes, we often have a fixed image of how we want it to look. We mix and match everything to achieve the mood that we think will make us feel the coziest in our homes. From our sofa set to our potholders, we choose colors that will complement one another. So if you want a minimalist look. You opt for black and white colors, this includes the color of your appliances, such as the refrigerator. Now, what happens when you suddenly change your taste and you want a tropical look in your house?

It’s not a problem anymore as customizable appliances are now a thing. Let’s take for example Bosch’s Vario fridges. They come in 24 different colors. You can practically change the theme of your house every week if you want to!

Televisions with Better Quality

Yes, HD televisions have been a trend for quite awhile now and you probably think that there’s nothing new to expect from them. Maybe you consider their quality is already so good that a better one is hard to imagine. Well, surprise! Brands like Samsung and LG are now unveiling  their latest televisions to the public. With 33 million pixels joining forces to give you the most detailed screens and clearest quality yet, you will be surely in for a fantastic movie night.

Retro Appliances

When we hear of the word “appliance”, words like “technology” and “modern” often come to mind. The image of good and high-tech appliances is so futuristic; it might be a bummer for the old souls. What to do if you like the comfort that high-tech appliances bring, but also in love with the idea of a retro image?

With Smeg starting up the trend, it is now very much possible to have the ironic way of living with advanced appliances yet still having that old-fashioned look you have always wanted. Fridges and other small appliances in a 1950’s style are now in the market. They are also not limited in one brand as The Big Chill, Husky, and Gorenje have also joined in the trend.

Customizable Functions of Fridge

Family Hub fridge from Samsung is now leading in this category. Of course, this is a smart home appliance that comes with an integrated screen. It can show you what is inside your fridge, taking away the hassle of opening and closing it just to see if there’s something inside that would start up your appetite. This is all thanks to its internal camera. Also saving you the trouble of checking the expiration date of the contents inside is its ability to list down all the food and drinks you have in there with their expiration dates.

Don’t know what to make for dinner? Well, don’t fret now as this smart fridge can also suggest recipes, much like your kitchen buddy. It is said to be a fridge with customizable functions. Of course, you don’t need to use all of the functions offered, although why not, right? You can just select the functions you feel your household will need.

These are just some of the new home appliances to watch out for this 2019. If you don’t want to miss out on the latest full features, you might want to start canvassing now for the ones that will suit your family’s needs.