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If you want to adopt a pet, but do not know which one to choose for apartment living, we will try to narrow down your choice and help you make the right decision. The problem of living space can be quite horrid of people, but animals can also have difficulties with too large or too small spaces. None of us wants to bring an animal home and then realize that the space is not appropriate for it.
 Rodents and
aquatic creatures
One thing is for sure – smaller animals will fit into
every kind of apartment. For instance, hamsters or guinea pigs are perfect
companions for smaller apartments, since they live in cages and do not need too
much space. Another advantage of these animals is the fact that they can
actually move a lot in their cages, since there are rolling wheels and those
tunnels made for the purpose of movement and fun. Also, guinea pigs and
hamsters are social animals, which makes them great for children, too.
Apart from rodents, you can also enrich your living space
with water animals, such as fish and turtles. Fish do not ask for too much from
their owners. You just have to keep the water in the aquarium clean and the
temperature on a normal level. Also, food is a necessity, as well. On the other
side, turtles
or tortoises
are also very grateful pets and they have a calming effect on
their owners.
 More space – go
It is true that even those smaller animals can be great
pets, but we all like cats and dogs more and they have a longer tradition of
dwelling with people. If you really have a large space, you could even go with
both a cat and a dog. Although there will have to be a period of adaptation,
managing to have both these species in your home could be a hilarious combination,
especially if you have kids. Generally speaking, they will function better if
they are brought to your home while still being a puppy and a kitten. That way
they will get accustomed to each other and they will not develop that many
Since cats and dogs are more demanding in the physical
way, they will require regular walks and runs, especially dogs. But whenever
you take your furry pets out, be aware that their fur is a perfect habitat for
many parasites. That is why you should always treat them with some anti-parasite products like Milbemax to avoid all the nuisance of going to
vet’s and having additional expenses.
 Which dog species
for apartments?
While cats in general will not have too many objections
when being brought to live in apartments, dogs are different. The original
nature of dogs, as a chaser and an aide in predatory activities of human race,
can be quite tricky in case of some dog species. Those species
that are not indoor-friendly
should not be kept in apartments, no matter
how much their sellers might want to convince you that the one particular dog
that they want to sell you is completely different.
When thinking about a dog for your apartment, you need
species that have got accustomed to a sedentary way of living and which also
like the coziness and calm of a family life. Check here
what dog species are best for indoor living.
Although indoor spaces are not the most natural habitat
for animals, many of them have become accustomed to such a lifestyle. In order
to keep everybody around them safe, the best choice is not to take any risks
and go only for species and breeds that like indoor living with people.
Finally, no matter what animal you choose, always treat it with care and

About the author: Dan Radak is
VPS and Hosting security specialist. Currently employed as a consultant in a couple
of e-commerce companies. Lately he has been interested in landscape
architecture. In his free time he likes to play with his pets. You can reach
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