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As the global population keeps on increasing each year, more than two billion houses need to be built before the current century comes to an end. One of those houses might be yours especially now that you’ve taken out a loan to finance its construction. Unless you have previous experience in building an entire house from scratch, you’ll want to hire a home builder to construct your humble abode for you. If it’s your first time to avail of the services of a home builder, here’s what to expect:

  • There is more than one type of home builder.

The construction industry classifies home builders into three different types:

  • Custom home builders

If you have a plot of land and want your dream house built over it, you should hire a custom home builder. A custom home builder ensures that, regardless of what you want for your dream house, your wish is their command – as long as it meets local building regulations, of course.

To know more about what a custom home builder does, you can head over to https://gotohomebuilders.com/ and other home construction-related sites.

  • Spec home builders

When you hire a custom home builder to construct your house, you have a say as to how you want your home to look. Spec home builders, on the other hand, wouldn’t allow you to have your house built according to your exact specifications. They already have a master floor plan that they follow regardless if it’s your house they’re constructing or someone else’s.

  • Tract home builders

Unlike a spec home builder who acquires only a single lot and then builds a house over it, a tract one buys a large plot of land, divides it into smaller lots, and constructs homes on each plot.

If you know of a subdivision or housing project in your area, a tract home builder constructed each of the homes.

  • Your home builder would want to know the specifics of your new house.

Some of the questions that may occur to you while planning your dream home would be as follows:

  • Do you want an energy-efficient home?
  • Do you want a smart home?
  • Do you want your house’s laundry room to be on the same floor as the bedrooms?
  • Do you want your house to have disability-friendly features?
  • Do you want a fireplace in your home for the cold winter months?
  • Do you want your house to have a chapel-like ceiling?

Figure out the specifications you want for your dream house and inform your home builder about them. They’ll then come up with an estimate of how much your custom-built house would cost you.

  • There will always be additional costs.

Even if the home builder you’ll hire had given you a realistic estimate of the cost of building your dream house, you shouldn’t rely only on this estimate. During the actual home building process, your home builder may suggest a new feature that’s beneficial for your house. Or you changed your mind and decided to have marble tiles instead of vinyl ones that you initially planned.

You should thus anticipate any changes that might occur over the entire course of your home construction and set aside a budget that’s more than enough.


According to a US Census Bureau report released last October 2018, the number of houses completed each year, with seasonal fluctuations accounted for, is at more than one million. The completion of these houses wouldn’t be possible without the help of home builders.

You might have always wanted a home that you can proudly call your own, but you want it constructed on top of your lot instead of buying a prebuilt housing unit. You’ll thus have to look for a home builder to do it for you. But as it’s your first time doing so, you’ll need to take note of the above-listed things to expect when hiring one to build your dream home.