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The Swiss Army Knife is loved throughout the world, by people from all different walks of life. Offering a massive range of different uses, it can be used for everything from household chores through to survival expeditions. The thing is this though: not all Swiss Army Knives are equal, as there are some that are, quite simply, head and shoulders above the rest.

This article will go through the important things to look
for when you’re purchasing your next Swiss Army Knife. Of course, the most
important thing to do is simple though: ensure you purchase your Swiss Army
Knife from a knowledgeable and reputable supplier, with one of the best being Carlson Knives. You’ll find the other things
to consider below…
What Will You Use It For? 
Swiss Army Knives come in many shapes and forms, and
different ones are used for different things. So, before you make your
purchase, you need to work out what you’ll use it for. Generally, you can
categorize Swiss Army Knife users into three categories: those who use it at
home, those who use it for hunting and fishing, and those who like to have an
all-rounder, which they can carry with them for use whenever they need it.
Remember that there are various
surrounding carrying a knife in public though.
The best way to work out which of these you are is simple:
make mental notes throughout the day and decide whether a Swiss Army Knife
would have been useful. Could you have used it to help with a home improvement
project? Or perhaps it would have been great on your fishing trip? Once you
know what you’ll use it for, you can contact an expert and get them to advise
you on the best knife for your circumstances.
Nearly all Swiss Army Knives will have the basic attachments
on them – attachments such as blades, a saw and a screwdriver. More and more of
them are starting to feature some newer attachments though, which take
advantage of advances in technology. This means that you’ll be able to find
things such as LED lights and even USB drives on many Swiss Army Knives, so you
need to decide whether these will be of use to you.
It’s very important to mention this though: the more hi-tech
attachments certainly don’t trump the basics. Therefore, it is far better to
get a Swiss Army Knife with higher quality basic components than a mediocre knife that
happens to have a few extra attachments on it. After all, you can easily carry
an individual USB around with you if needed, can’t you?
Your Swiss Army Knife will likely see some potentially tough
situations, so it will need to be able to withstand them. Don’t make the
mistake of thinking that all Swiss Army Knives come with the same level of
durability though, as they are vastly different in their construction.
Generally, there’s an easy rule though, as those produced by the bigger names
in the industry will be much better quality. Price can also give an indication
as to how good they’ll be.
Make sure you get a warranty with any Swiss Army Knife
though, just in case anything goes wrong. By getting one, you’ll be able to
grab a new one straight away should the durability of your knife fail. Most good
vendors will offer a warranty for no extra cost, as do most of the larger
companies manufacturing them.
As all Swiss Army Knives are different, each design will
feel different in your hands. Therefore, it is vital that you choose the one
you’re most comfortable using. If you are buying from a shop, you can easily
ask the server to let you try each one out, but remember this: shops often have
higher prices than online stores. So, why not head to a shop, find the knife
that’s best for you, then do some research online to find the best price?
But why is the feel of the knife so important? It’s simple –
you really need to be in control when you’re cutting using sharp blades. A
Swiss Army Knife that doesn’t make you feel completely assured could well be an
accident waiting to happen. Nobody can tell you which knife is right for you
though, as it is completely down to personal preference. 

the above should hopefully help you to select your perfect Swiss Army Knife.
And once you have it? You’ll probably find that it’s with you for many, many
years to come…