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a new kitchen for your home is always an exciting undertaking. Whether you are
thinking of the traditional farmhouse kitchen of your dreams to complete your country
home or your style is up-to-the-minute contemporary chic for an urban apartment,
the kitchen sink plays a central role in the style and functionality of any
kitchen space. Being an essential part of the kitchen work triangle – cooker,
fridge and sink – which is used to guide every kitchen designer, it’s crucial
that you choose just the right sink your kitchen.
best finish for your kitchen sink


design of your sink will largely be determined by the overall design of your
new kitchen as well as the space available for kitchen units and worktops.
Sinks come in an array of sizes and lots of different shapes, and your choice
really depends on how much of a style statement you would like your sink to
major sink manufacturers offer a choice of single bowl, double bowl and 2.5
bowl sinks in a myriad of styles to fit in with your domestic requirements and
your chosen style of kitchen. There are top-mounted, under-mounted and inset
sinks, while draining boards can either be an integral part of the sink or part
of the worktop. Discuss the exact specifications with your kitchen designer to
ensure you make the most of the available space.
sinks are manufactured in a wide selection of hard wearing materials that are
suitable for the day-to-day demands of domestic kitchen wear. Three of the most
popular materials used for kitchen sinks are stainless steel, composite stone
materials and ceramics.
Stainless steel sinks
steel sinks have been around for a long time, and they are the choice of
professional and commercial kitchens everywhere. Due to the seemingly limitless
choice of styles and finishes available, a perfect solution can be found to
blend in with any kitchen design.
Affordability:            While there are jaw dropping top-end
models available on the market, stainless steel sinks can often be a surprisingly
cost-effective solution for your kitchen.
Durability:                  As a material, stainless
steel will not chip, crack, fade or stain, making it a very practical solution.
It’s heat resistant and rust resistant too.
Ease of
 Unlike other materials,
stainless steel is easy to keep clean using regular household cleaning products
without any adverse chemical reactions taking place.
Shock absorbency:    Stainless steel is kinder to china and
glass. There is an element of ‘give’ in the material that offers greater
protection from breakage.
Composite sinks 
sinks are manufactured under high pressure from a combination of crushed stone
– typically granite or quartz – mixed with a resin binder. Sometimes known as ‘composite
stone sinks’ or simply (though perhaps confusingly) ‘granite sinks’, they look
beautiful and feel like natural stone. Composite sinks can be made in a wide
range of surface textures and colours.
Durability:                 Man made from natural stone,
composite sinks offer a high degree of durability and strength, with resistance
to scratching and chipping.
Heat resistance:         Composite sinks stand up to extreme
temperatures better than solid stone surfaces.
Hygiene:                     Man-made composite sinks
are extremely hygienic due to the material’s low degree of porosity.
Ease of
 Clean your composite sink
with mild soapy water only, then dry it with a towel to prevent any water
staining. Harsh, abrasive chemicals are not recommended as they may scratch and
dull the surface.
Ceramic sinks
sinks have been around for centuries, and it’s easy to see why they’re
continuing to be an extremely popular option. From traditional Belfast or
Butler sinks to an array of modern and contemporary designs, there are so many
stylish designs out there that you will be spoilt for choice.
Robustness:                The ceramic material won’t
dent; it is resistant to shocks and scratches, making it a highly practical
kitchen solution.
Heat resistance:          Place piping hot oven dishes directly
onto your ceramic sink – no problem.
Ease of
: Use regular household
cleaners on a daily basis to look after your ceramic sink for best results and
longevity. Its glazed surface is smooth, making it difficult for grime and dirt
to get a hold.
Hygiene:                      Perfect for kitchens,
ceramic sinks won’t take on kitchen flavours or smells.
Article provided
by Mike James, an independent content writer in the property industry. For the information in
this article, Sussex-based specialist Middleton Bespoke were consulted.