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The field of interior design has been blooming on a drastic paste and designers worlwide are bursting with creative ideas and innovation.  Proskips says this year is looking absolutely bright- “So far, 2017 is proving to be just as interesting if not even more so, so here’s a look at some of the latest design ideas we’ve fallen in love with.”

Bare brick is ever more trendy!

There’s something quite magical about bare brick and unfinished walls- instead of looking messy and untidy they somehow bring a touch of glamour to any property. Trendy bars and pubs have been using bare brick for a while, but it hasn’t been done in residential properties for a few years (unless we’re talking about sprawling country mansions.” A bare brick wall somehow makes you feel like you’re looking at the heart and soul of a property rather than hiding it behind fake colours and materials. It’s raw, natural and beautiful, and work perfectly almost any colour scheme. We love this one and hope it’s here to stay.

Vintage is not as vintage as it was

Ever since Monica from Friends invited us into her multi-coloured shabby chic kitchen, homemakers on both sides of the pond have been in love with vintage design. Assetgrove explains- “This year it’s all about chandeliers, vintage prints and rich Parisian textiles, creating a sense of style and passion that reflects the individual.” You won’t find any generic pebble pictures or boring soft furnishings here- this look is a out trawling flea markets and antique shops for something that is show stoppingly, uniquely you.

Mandalas are on the rise!

These stunning Buddhist designs have been creeping into clothes shops for the past couple of years,  but they’re only just appearing in interiors stores. Although the well-travelled may well have already got mandalas of their own, other homemakers are getting on board with what may well become 2017’s biggest interior trend. Hang them on the wall, accessorise your sofa with bright cushions or-If you’re brave- have them embedded into your floor for an incredible focal piece.

Denim has finally entered the world of interior design

This is a trend we can’t imagine lasting much longer than a year so you may not want to invest in a huge piece, but denim is a fun, fresh way to accessorise your home.  Interiors shops are now stocking lots of denim cushions, but it’s also easy to have a go yourself- simply cut up an old pair of jeans to make a cushion cover. Insert a comfy cushion pad et voila! This also works great with old jumpers for a rustic, country look.

Maps are awesome!

This may come as a bit of a disappointment for those of us who have always had a thing for maps- now every living room in the UK is likely to have one by the end of 2017. Maps are beautiful things to have around, and a great way for children to learn about geography. There are some great ones to be found in charity shops and antique stores, but if you’re looking for something really special it’s well worth visiting a property vintage map shop.

Terracotta is a rather surprising newcomer

If you were around in the 1990s you’ll remember that terracotta was big news back then.  Hardly any self-respecting interior design freak would have let their rooms be seen without at least a splash of this rich orange hue, and we’re glad to see it making a return. LDG explains how to update it for 2017-“Terracotta works really well with black, white and turquoise and is even better if you can add some Moroccan style lamps and rich textures- just relax, have fun and let your holiday come to you!”