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Just as with any room in your house, you have a variety of floors to choose from when it comes to your home. But unlike almost every other room, where carpet is the most popular and wide-spread opinion, it is all but removed when it comes to bathrooms. Taking that out of the equation leaves you with three choices, which you’ll likely be choosing from if you decide to redecorate your bathroom top to bottom this spring cleaning season.
Laminate is a popular choice. It is well adapted to many of the jobs (and substances) that happen in a bathroom, though it perhaps isn’t the most elegant of choices. Following close behind are tiles, similarly robust when it comes to dealings with the comings and goings of everyday bathroom usage. And there is also the third option – wood flooring. It may be a little less traditional, but it too brings many positives to the table.
So which one is best for you, your family, and your bathroom style? Well here is a breakdown of all three.


Pros: Laminate is very easy to clean. It’s fairly easy to mark, but most stains can be removed quickly and easily with the right cleaning products, without blemishes left over. It is also relatively cheap, and more open to pattern options than the other two choices on the list. You could potentially have any graphic you wish placed on to laminate. Finally, it is very easy to remove and replace.
Cons: The ease at which laminate comes off comes with a downside. It is easier to damage most laminates than it is to damage tiles or wood. It is easily cut, and a lot of things in a bathroom have the potential to hurt it. And it also isn’t the most desirable of materials for those looking for an ultra classy bathroom.
Laminate is best suited to those with young families, or a busy bathroom. It is the top choice for those looking for practicality over aesthetics. That’s not to say laminate is ugly – it’s just it’s best qualities come from it’s flexibility and ease of clean. Even if everything in your cupboards accidentally spills on it, you can likely get it clean in no time at all. 


Pros: Tiles have a timeless quality to them, that perhaps the other two don’t Slightly more upscale than laminate, but generally not as expensive as decking, they are a great middle ground. Plus, there are a wide variety of patterns to choose from, as well as a variety of materials (ceramics, porcelain, quartz)  if you are willing to push the boat out.
 Cons: Though patterns can be created by using different cuts of tiles and placing them correctly, you are more limited than you are with laminate, and the more complex the tile cutting, the more expensive it will be. The real negative is that tiles can be a very big hassle to remove.
 Tiles are best suited to rooms looking to balance practicality and aesthetics. Tiles are very durable, and can be cleaned very easily, but they also tend to be more appealing to the eye than laminate. Their timeless quality certainly helps this claim too, as they suit a lot of styles, meaning you can mess around with your bathroom style without having to worry about changing the floor, which is a plus, as anybody who has tried to have tiles taken up will tell you!

Wooden Flooring 

Pros: A well done decked floor can look fantastic year round. It’s helped by it’s rarity compared to the other two, as it is bound to make an instant impression with most people. It is also the most luxurious of the three options, as people who choose to have decking put in likely want their whole bathroom to look nice, as opposed to a room dedicated entirely to practicality.
 Cons: Decking can be very pricey, especially if it has finishes applied. And you will do, as water is likely to be detrimental to bare wood over time. There is also the potential for any finish to make the floor very slippery if water gets on it.
 Decking isn’t for everyone, but it is hard to beat for pure quality. It isn’t a good choice for those who use their bathroom as a tool more so than a place to relax, but for those who do want to unwind, it goes a long way to creating the spa feel at home.