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blinds have become popular among those who want to open their window blinds
automatically, without having to do it manually by hand. Many industries demand
motorized blinds that are extremely reliable as well as durable and technically
advanced. This demand has led to the introduction of many companies which
specialize in these types of blinds, but do you know which are the brands that are
most dominant in this niche? Below are the undisputed champions in the motorized
Hunter Douglas
Douglas has been in business for over a half century, which is one sign of
their dominance. They control approximately 50 percent of the residential
motorized blind market but also sell commercial systems. Their products are
ideal for property owners that need up to 4 objects motorized within a single
room simultaneously. Their systems are popular for their performance and
ability to carry out tasks that are beyond the scope of their competitors.
Their warranties are also superb to consider while you are making your purchase
While Lutron has become quite famous for their light dimming
technology, they are also a major player in motorized shading units. Their
technology is distinct for being quiet while operating, and they are commonly
installed within the homes of celebrities and other high net worth individuals.
However, Lutron no longer reserves its products merely for the elite, and has
begun installing their products into the middle class, single family
residences. The company is also very popular with colleges and universities due
to their silent attributes.
BTX is based in Texas and has built a name for itself for its
construction of drapery tracks which are motorized. One thing which makes this
company stand out is its world class customer service and their ability to
enact projects which are completely customized to your needs. BTX uses
electrical components which are simple and can be integrated easily with
projector screens or touch panels. They only utilize technology which is proven
to work and tested by time.
Somfy is a firm based in France that has become an industry leader
in the supply of components to the other motorized blind firms mentioned here.
It is known for it’s advanced, bleeding edge technology and can provide
solutions for virtually anything which is customized. In particular their
battery motor units are exceptionally advanced and durable with a lifespan of
up to five years for a single pack. These systems are super reliable and it
isn’t unusual for a showroom shade system to last for years without any service
problems whatsoever.
A considerable number of architects depend on the products
manufactured by Mecho for specialized applications and roller shades. In
particular, Mecho specializes in the construction of motorized units which can
extend more than 30 feet tall with a width of 20 feet. Their components have
been tested extensively in real world projects and are designed to be operated
continuously without fail. Mecho is known for its innovation and few others in
this industry can solve motorization challenges in the same way they can.