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Most homes in the UK have a shower only and that’s fine, but we do miss our baths. Most likely the bath was taken out because it took up too much space and filling it took too much time and the cost of heating that much water outweighed the benefits, or so you thought. For those lucky enough to still have their baths, there is so much to gain from having one in your home and the many health benefits have been well documented. Coming home from work on a Friday after a hard week’s work and slipping into the shower just isn’t the same. Slipping into a hot bath with essential salts added is a completely different thing and you can definitely feel the difference.

For those of you who say that bathtubs have now become expensive items only the rich can afford, you couldn’t be more wrong and there are many cheap bathtubs available that are more than capable of soothing away all your aches and pains. There are numerous health benefits of taking a relaxing bath and we will look at just some of them here.

1. Improves Heart Health

Getting into a hot, soothing bath causes your heart to beat faster as the body tries to cool itself down a little. This increase in heart beat is a kind of mini workout, so when you are relaxing, you are also exercising with no real effort on your part. Your blood becomes thinner which allows it to flow more easily around your body and so it gets to the areas that need a little healing and fixing. A warm bath also goes a long way to reducing your blood pressure and also helps you in the aid of digestion.

2. Makes You Feel Better

Sometimes we forget about the psychological side of our body and while we are busy taking care of the physical side, we neglect our minds. A warm bath is a great way to calm the mind and reflect on the week that you just had and the week that lies ahead. Lying in a warm bath allows us to enjoy the time spent there and hopefully clear out minds of all the stressful things that have been preoccupying our minds.

3. Helps with Breathing

If you fill the bath up just enough so that is passes over your chest, then this can improve your overall lung capacity and allows you to take in lots more oxygen. Because the water is hot, it makes your heart beat faster and this aids in more oxygen intake into your lungs. The steam that is coming off the water will also help clear your nose and hopefully help with any allergies or irritants that you have been dealing with recently. If you have a cold or the flu, baths are a great way to relieve the symptoms and you can add things to the water to clear your head.

Baths are a great way to relax and soothe all the parts of your body that hurt a little. It also helps to heal the mind and soul. Look into getting yourself a bath today.