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Why should you do guest blogging?

Here I come with new ideas to boost traffic on your website
and you can do it by doing quality guest posting. As Google’s web Spam team head Matt
Cuts announced that guest blogging can harm your website but the fact is without
posting content you cannot achieve your goals. As Google demand for high
quality content to show the exact search results for the users. If we stop
publishing content so how it will show the results to the users?

Like we are accepting guest post for many years and giving
chances to interior designers to publish their innovative ideas to our website.
We respect Google policy that’s why we focus on quality content so that users
can take benefit of true results.

If you are doing guest blogging in a right way by following
proper guidelines then you will get benefit of the guest post. But you are
ignoring the rules of Google then definitely you are digging your own grave.
Don’t be shocked! If you are copying other contents and you demands to website
owners for do follow links then your content will harm the whole website and it
will be penalizing soon.
 Before starting a guest post you should consider the website where you are posting the content is
relevant to your niche? If you are posting content to irrelevant websites so you
will never get benefit of it. Like if your post is related to home decor so you
should find website related to home decor. Don’t submit them in business or
other irrelevant categories.
After that insert links of those websites in the article, you
are taking the reference. Always try to give link on long tail keywords.
Give credits to images and apply a no follow attribute on
them. And you maximum images related to article so user can take interest.
Use maximum words in your article, don’t write short blogs use
at least 500 words in a blog and Google prefer longs posts so if you maximize
it up to 1000 words so can get better opportunity to show up on top of SERP.
Always ask blog readers to put their ideas in comment
section and reply on their queries it would make your article more interacting.
Always start a conversation in comments.
Don’t forget to share on social media websites as you know
the most of the traffic comes from Social media and it is a great source of
If you have some unique idea on home decor and you want to publish here so you can send us your ideas on the following email – jameshopesusa@gmail.com