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When summer rolls around, decorating thoughts tend to turn to the outdoors.
What plants shall we get? Should we buy a swing? Those tables look a little
worn out, don’t they? Other projects also get kickstarted now that it is
warmer. You couldn’t bring yourself to redo the bathroom in January, because
shivering for hours on end is no ones idea of fun. But now it’s sunny, you can
put the ceiling fan on and work to your hearts content.

Bottom of your list is likely the fireplace. Any appliance that
is commonly used during the colder month is usually discarded or disregarded as
soon as spring arrives. Fireplaces can be particularly irksome, as they take up
so much space without bringing any benefits. But far from being at the bottom
of your list, fireplaces should be a top priority. Here’s a few reasons why.
Lower costs
When is the best time to buy de-icer for your car windscreen?
Summer. When is the best time to buy sun cream? Winter. Seasonal products will
often drop their prices significantly at the opposite end of the year. So it
stands to reason that, when they aren’t as busy as usual, fireplace retailers
will be desperate to generate trade.
This will often be range wide. All of 2015’s best fireplaces will be available at
rock bottom prices. You stand to not only make a huge saving, but you could end
up with a better model than you originally wanted, well within your budget.
Redecorating season

As mentioned above, you’ll likely be doing some redecorating
already this summer. You were too cold to do it in winter, when the fireplace
would have been a more prominent appliance in your day to day life. Now, you
are setting out to give everything a fresh lick of paint while it lies dormant.
In doing so, you may otherwise leave the fireplace out. Come
winter, it will stick out like a sore thumb. So include it in your redesigns.
You may not notice the benefit of tailoring your fireplace your new design
scheme now, but in 6 months time, you’ll be glad you included it in your plans.
The biggest reason, however, is the fact that the pressure is
off to find the perfect fireplace to some extent, because you don’t NEED it. To
make an analogy, you wouldn’t find a race car driver trying out a new car on
the final race of the season, when everything is on the line. They would try it
out when it doesn’t matter if it’s good or not.

Say you decided to buy a new fireplace in the winter. You get
it back, and you don’t like it, but you can’t take it back immediately because
it is cold and you need a fireplace! But in the summer, if for whatever reason
you don’t like the fireplace, you can take it back, safe in the knowledge that
you haven’t got to race around finding one before your living room turns into
an igloo. You give yourself the luxury of time, and in decorating, patience is