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If you think your windows are just a medium to see the outside views and maintain air inflow in the house then you are certainly underrating the capacity of what windows can contribute to your pocket. Today windows come with energy efficient features that can help you save on your electricity bills. You must be wondering how windows can save you hundreds of dollars on your electricity bills. Well your heating/cooling system performs at optimum level when the inside temperature remain stable but if somehow the cold/hot air leaks from the window then you have to adjust heating/cooling system which results in more energy consumption and hefty electricity bill.

Most of the people think windows are air leak proof but this is a misconception because only certain energy efficient windows has the capability to stop air from leaking. This is the reason you must always invest in energy efficient windows because in the long run these windows will save you thousands of dollars in electricity bill. Not only this but your heating/cooling system will also last long as it need not to be adjusted again and again to maintain a stable temperature inside the home.   

Here are some points that will illustrate why you must opt for scelta windows Tulsa energy efficient windows in your home:      

1. Old windows or windows which are not energy efficient lose air because of crack in the panes, window border, frame, cracked glass etc. but the energy efficient windows stops the air leaks by double glazing. These energy efficient windows have gap between the two panes of the glass which is filled with air. And we know air is a bad conductor of heat and thus it prevents the heat loss.

2. Installing energy efficient windows can remarkably lower down your energy consumption and result in lower electricity bills. If you install single pane energy efficient window you can save $120- $465 a year and if you choose the double-pane clear glass energy star window you can save even more.

3. Energy efficient windows are independently tested certified and verified by the National Fenestration Rating Council and adhere to the NFRC rating that follows strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency of US (EPA). This means your energy efficient windows manufactured to help you save on electricity bill.

4. Not many people know that around 35 percent of the heat is loss through walls in an uninsulated house and around 25 percent through the roof. The remaining heat is lost through doors, windows and floor. So you can understand what role your energy efficient windows play when it comes to maintaining proper heating/cooling in your home.  

5. The cost of installing energy efficient windows is not much especially looking at the amount of money that can be saved over the course of time. Replacing old windows to new energy efficient windows costs around $300-$700 depending on the type of window you choose. So it does not cost much because in the long run you will be benefitted by the energy efficiency of the energy efficient windows.