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Summer in Texas, whew! Reading those three words can leave anyone feeling all sweaty! The summer heat in Texas leaves anyone hurrying back to their abode and flop in front of the AC so that they can cool off! Wait, what happens when you start hearing unexplained noises coming out of the external unit of your air conditioner!? Should you worry? It is advised that you should!

Commonly the external unit of your AC is likely to make some humming noise when it is blasting cool air inside your home but is the same is acting out in a weird way, it is best to get it checked out by professionals.

Each unusual sound the external unit makes could mean a different issue. If you are hearing a high-pitched squeal from your unit, then it means the connecting belt of the blower to the motor has slipped for some reason. It might also mean that the bearings in your condenser fan motor need replacement.

Modern models of air conditioners don’t have an external unit that uses a belt for connecting the blower to the motor. If your AC is from an older generation of electronics, then it is time for you to call the professionals so that they can replace the old connecting belt with a new one.

It is best to know the different types of sounds that can emanate out of your AC external unit along with what they mean. Let’s take a look:

Clanking or banging sounds – It may indicate the presence of a loose part inside the unit which can either be:

  • The connecting rod
  • The internal mount
  • The crankshaft or
  • The piston pin

If the noises stop to exist after ac repair professionals have done their job then it’s okay but if they come back then you might need to replace your AC air compressor unit!

Hissing or bubbling sounds – Indicate that your external unit has a leak in its internal coils from where the refrigerant is leaking!

Buzzing sounds – It could be an indicator for:

  • A motor that is close to failing
  • Loose circuitry and wiring
  • Arcing connections (dangerous!)
  • The burning of the relay switch at the fan contactor

Long story short, if you are hearing continual or periodic buzzing sounds coming out of your air conditioner external unit, you should immediately call in the professionals to get the same examined. A malfunctioning compressor when repaired or replaced on time could save you lots of money. If you fail to resolve the issue on time, it could lead to total failure of your AC meaning getting a new one is inevitable!

If your ac unit is noisy, it is best to get it examined as soon as possible by calling in the professionals associated with AC repair fort worth tx. Never try to repair the air conditioner by yourself as it is not only bad advice but also dangerous. Your air conditioner might look like any other appliance in your home but it takes a lot of skills to run. In short, if one makes a mistake that a professional won’t, they can receive a violent electrical shock. On top of that, you can also damage the unit beyond repair leading to the total replacement of the same!