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Stone worktops definitely exude classic design and luxury. As there should be a general continuity in design, great quality worktops should also be associated with excellent sinks and faucets. However, layout isn’t the only thing you should bear in mind, as durability and performance is also important. Ultimately, a kitchen sink should also last for a long period of time and be able to handle daily use. Your budget limit, the kind of worktop, along with the design you’d want to go for should be the determining factors when you’re choosing the sink.

Undermount Sinks

In regards to kitchen sinks, the undermount sink is perhaps the most popular style that most home owners tend to opt for. This type of sink can be supported by the heaviness of the natural stone, that’s why it goes really well with Granite worktops. Undermount sinks offer an easy, undisrupted look to your worktop as well.

Not only do they look great, but they are also practical and functional. Aside from that, cleaning your worktops and sliding food and dust particles directly into the sink is going to be a whole lot easier. Additionally, these sinks are available in various styles and designs, which means you will have numerous options.

Composite Granite Sinks

Made from 20% epoxy resins and 80% crushed granite, these sinks have become increasingly popular in the market. They are extremely tough and come in various shades of rich colours as well! They are also resistant to scratch and could withstand a very large amount of heat.

Maintenance and daily cleaning is also effortless with this type of sink. The only downside is that they are somewhat more expensive than the others, though numerous manufacturers are now producing more low-cost composite granite sinks without compromising quality.

The Stainless Steels

Stainless is, by far, the most popular material in the market these days. One reason would probably be because this material is extremely tough, which means it doesn’t chip, rust, or get damaged pretty easily. It is commonly obtainable in two various finishes; though the high-gloss finish is somewhat less common than the satin one, generally because the wears and scratches on the satin material is less noticeable.

Stainless sinks come in different levels of depth. It would be wise to go for the lower gauge sinks, for they are more durable and thicker.

Copper Sinks

You need to seriously consider purchasing copper sinks if you’re trying to find an elegant material with a mix of rustic and natural vibe in it. They can be obtained in various designs and unique patterns can also be engraved on them. These sinks are increasingly becoming popular in most properties as well, regardless of what their design scheme might be.

Enamel-Coated Cast Iron Sinks

These sinks are very sophisticated, giving your home a softer, more natural look in comparison to steel types. These sinks was once very popular for a period of time; but they have been pushed aside by newer, cheaper and durable sinks available in today’s market. Truth is, they are more expensive and very heavy, but they gorgeously fit well with granite worktops. If you have the resources, why not give this sink a try? You might end up loving its aesthetic.

Which of these sinks would you like to pair with your granite worktops? Let us know!


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