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Top home improvement resource Remodeling Magazine cites
recoup values for window replacements to be around 73 to 79 percent, depending
on the material used. Homeowners interested in having their old windows changed
out thus have a lot to gain from taking on such a project — their investment
is bound to be well worth the trouble.


To capitalizing on your window replacement, you need to make
sure of proper window replacement
processes and installation procedures. And to do so, recognizing these truths
is important.



You don’t
have to replace in kind.
One of the most significant mistakes homeowners
make is replacing their current
windows with exactly the same kind
of windows as they had before. Think of
it: if you’ve always had wood windows and have lost them to rot, it won’t make
much sense to install wood windows again if you don’t want the same thing to
happen. Instead of wood, why not consider composites such as vinyl and
fiberglass, which are much hardier against the elements.
You need to
choose the right windows for your home.
A window replacement is a good way to
enhance your home’s weather protection, aesthetic appeal, and energy
efficiency. But all these are contingent on picking windows that are good for
Climate zone. Energy-efficient windows do not only
lower your home’s energy loads and – thus – utility bills; they also make your
home more comfortable, and preserve the structural integrity of the windows. ENERGY
STAR has recommended values according to your area’s climate conditions, and we
recommend strictly following them to truly harness your windows’ energy
efficiency capabilities.


Architectural style. Some windows also fit some home styles
better than others. Modern homes, for instance, look great with windows that
emphasize the clean modern lines – like horizontal sliding windows. Ranch or
split-level homes, on the other hand, can be complemented by narrow-frame
picture windows.
Goals.Do you want increased weather protection and
functionality? Or are you interested in enhancing your home’s curb appeal and
selling potential? Installing storm windowscan help during inclement weather conditions, while bow and bay
windows are popular for giving your home that extra something.
Building codes.There are various international model
codes adopted by the US, and differing variations or versions of this code are
adopted at state, county, and city level. In San Francisco, for instance,
replacing windows in a historic district requires complete and strict adherence
to the city’s home improvement regulations.
Hire the
right help.
Lastly, professional help is an important factor towards
getting good windows – and their resulting advantages. In some states, window
contractors, remodelers, or installers have to be licensed; in others, they
have to be registered. Whatever the state’s requirements may be, however,
it’s  always best to pick insured and
bonded window professionals to carry out the job.


When choosing, always consider:
A wide portfolio. Experience does not only
represent the number of years a contractor may have been in the business. It is
also a measure of the kinds of projects he or she has worked on in the past.
And hiring a contractor that knows how to work with different types of windows
is always the smartest option.
A happy client base. Satisfied homeowners are
also a good sign that you are not about to make a mistake. Happy clients do not
just get high-quality results, they also get treated to comprehensive and
reliable product support and warranties.
Maintain your
Getting a new set of replacement windows does not absolve
you of your responsibility to keep your windows properly maintained.  Maintenance is always important if you want
your windows to be functional and aesthetically appealing for a lifetime.