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The weather outside may be freezing but that doesn’t take away the magic and sparkle of winter. You can enjoy the same enchantment by applying easy and affordable decorating ideas to winterize your home. Careful planning and a few changes to your furnishing and décor are all you need.

So while you’re thinking about how to get your windows ready for winter and other tasks to winter-proof your house for the season, why don’t you apply the following tips to winterize your home and transform it into an enchanting winter wonderland?

Check your flooring

Flooring is one of the basic elements in your house that you should check during winter and with your winter transformation project. For instance, ceramic and tiled floors can be cold during the winter months.

One of the best ways to protect your feet from the cold and to transform your regular flooring into a sparkling winter ground is carpeting it with shades of white or using light-colored rugs. The light shades will mimic the beauty of snow settling on the ground.

Updating your furnishings

Old decors and furnishing that don’t fit the season will have to go the closet. Bring out the “jolly” decors and furnishings, and generously decorate your entire house with these. Because the goal is to achieve a winter wonderland theme, choose decors and furnishings that exhibit and augment the splendor of winter. Here are some examples:

  • Use throws, pillows, blankets, cushions, etc., in shades of white.
  • Pull out and display Christmas decors in shades of white or silver.
  • Cups, plates, and kitchen kits that are in shades of white or neutral colors are also great aesthetic supplements.

White and neutrals will help transform your entire house into a cool, adoringly gorgeous snowy environment.

Windows and lighting

Another important thing to prepare and winter-proof are the windows and lighting. Cleaning your windows and investing in good lighting are part of the exercises of preparing your house for the winter season. You may want to find out how to clean windows with a pressure washer to ensure they’re crystal clear and ready when the snow starts to fall.

At the same time, hanging vertical strings of fairy lights on your windows can create a warm, magical feeling for the entire house.

Turn the inside like the outside

With almost everything in the house in shades of white, it’s time to turn it into something real like the outside. Bring in some greenery and decorate them the way a lovely tree is covered with white snow – just imagine that wonderful sight!

You don’t have to get a real tree inside the house or add some real grass. Invest in a cheap green tree and adorn it with some faux snowflakes and white ornaments. Add some green plants on the tables and walls, cover them with faux snowflakes, and add fancy ribbons or cute tiny bells.

Ready the table

Pay some attention as well in dressing your Christmas table. This will feel like a culmination of your festive winter wonderland home makeover. Here are some examples:

  • Bring out a table runner that complements the theme.
  • Use plates and utensils that expounds the season.
  • If you have time, prepare a menu appropriately set for the mood, such as hot chocolate, cookies, marshmallows, and so forth.

Ultimately, the key to successfully winterize your home is to use decorations, furnishings, and other house accessories in shades of white or in neutral colors. You can throw in some shades of red and green as well in minimal quantities. Do this by examining all areas and spaces of your house and applying the said tips. Of course, everything should be cleaned and well prepped before doing the major makeover.