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If only we could snap our fingers and get our entire house in order by doing it. Unfortunately, that’s still not possible and while we can only envy Mary Poppins, there’s plenty of housework that still needs our attention. However, just because there’s a lot to do doesn’t mean you have to spend days and days cleaning your home.

Here are some best cleaning tips that will allow you to work smarter, not harder.

Vinegar Makes Everything Better

You can use vinegar when you clean virtually everything, from your floors to kitchen sink and shiny surfaces. Since this little natural helper is especially efficient in making everything look spotless, turn to it when you want your windows to sparkle. The process is simple – put two tablespoons of white vinegar into a gallon of water and then pour as much as you need into a spray bottle. Grab your favorite microfiber cloth, sprinkle the mixture all over your windows and wipe them clean. This is a great tip because you won’t see any streaking, which can be incredibly annoying when spotted after you’ve just finished cleaning the windows.

Make Your House Smell Clean and Orangey

We spend a lot of money on air fresheners that are bad for us and indoor air quality, which is why it’s a good idea to turn to natural ways to banish odors from your home. For this trick, you’ll need a jar, orange peels, white vinegar, a bit of salt and distilled water. Stack the orange peels in the jar and put some salt over them, to help them release all of those nice-smelling oils. After that, pour the vinegar in until the jar is half-full, and then pour the distilled water to the top. Close the jar with an appropriate lid and let it sit for up to three weeks. You can use the mix to clean the house and leave everything not just spotless, but smelling fresh and orangey.

Almost New Faucets around the House

Scrubbing the faucets nice and clean can be a tedious and tiring task, especially if you hadn’t done it in a while. You don’t need any detergent to make them nice and spotless again, only a bit of toothpaste and a wet sponge to rub it in. After that, all you’ve got to do is rinse the remnants of the toothpaste and the gunk with it. This neat trick that people from review.cleaning shared with is will make all the chrome faucets around the house look like you’ve just had them installed.

One Step Procedure to Cleaner Carpets

Though carpets are a nice attribute when it comes to aesthetics of any room, they’re not that great when it comes to cleaning them. Not only are they the playground for stains of all kinds, they can easily become a nesting place for dust mites, which are the reason for dust allergies. When it comes to cleaning the stains, put a generous dollop of dish soap into two cups of water, get a white sponge or rag and soak up the stain. It might take some time and blotting to get the stain out but it will happen. After that, you can rinse the place with the sponge dipped in cold water and then let it dry. When it comes to dust mites, make sure to steam the carpets regularly – that will make it impossible for them to live in your home.