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Nowadays, eating is not just what it literally means but it’s a door towards winding up our mind to things that are completely exceptional. It’s not just about consuming delicious food and having a chat but it is more likely a way to feel or express our emotions that would lead us to imagine and feel that we are distant into a melancholy set up which is the reason why restaurants have become a passage for artistic interiors in the world. With this, designers have merged distinctive art forms including technology to generate a place that would feel different from what is typical and somewhat will help people to escape from the maze of reality.

Every year, there would be a ranking of World’s Best Restaurants. This event would feature the most exceptional dining existing and fascinating restaurant interiors from the different countries across five continents. The said restaurants have known for its astonishing decoration from Scandinavian minimalism to any form of Italian comfort.

Here are some more of the remarkable interiors in world’s amazing restaurants.

The Jane Restaurant in A Renovated Church

Antwerp, Belgium

A former military hospital chapel transformed into a contemporary restaurant in collaboration with modern elements. Wide space was first noticed because of ancestry chapel’s high ceiling and a tiled floor with patterns.

La Terraza Del Casino


Interior design touched with the aesthetic link that balances the past and future motives with the use of Jaime Hayon’s personal style was perfectly connected compatibly with the fascinating and innovative dining experience. The elegant atmosphere exemplifies new furniture style which was excellently suited to its need and at the same time, other handcrafted matters that blends design and art.

Blacksheep- Nando’s in Ashford


With its combined wood and accents of metal work with the touched of aesthetic, Blacksheep’s environment possessed the loft feel like New York. Platforms like booth seating and fabulous timber lattice design and the custom-made light shade make the place feel more intimidating.  Large-scale glamorous artwork presents in Ndebele tribe style of Southern African, usually reveals by wooden dowels in the paint.

Jouin Manku-Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée


By the look of dining room made by Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku, ubiquitously, its place is visible with a softness of curves, the material used, and overall contents. Stunning quality of every part created with an attention to angle and splendid output of craftsman’s skills.

A Cantina, Santiago De Compostela


It looks more Scandinavian than Spanish because of its minimalist design and like tree structures of color blonde wood. It was inspired by traditional Galician cantinas and emphasis dining style like eating outside the rural summer, according to the designers.

Aqua Shard


Along with some of the magnificent places in Europe, this restaurant found in London’s Shard may not be scrimped on its interior design but the presence of luxurious atmosphere inspired by the gin and tea -which have the history on the area of Southwark- makes it exhibit the dark green and brown leather and shiny black marble herringbone and shimmering dark oak floor.

Phantom L’opera


Harmoniously combined of modernity to the place is evident. Interior structure is wisely designed so that It won’t touch the walls which have a historical background. A mezzanine part is concealed with steel plates while the wall is made of glass which made the interior structure isolated from the building shell. This restaurant is usually composed of red furniture, theatrical look liked floor or any other related to phantom of opera which was performed in the Palais Garnier auditorium.

Hoto Fudo

Honshu Island, Japan

Noodle restaurant is built like an image of an igloo. Its interior is open to all elements and style except for the strong wind. It was purposely designed so that the breeze will serve as the air conditioning resulted to a feeling being both outside and inside. Minimalism with a simple wooden form of furniture was being used inside giving the feeling of tranquility

These eight restaurants discussed above are some of those jaw-dropping restaurants around the world.  Definition of an art-from its minute details to big one is really amazing. Its designs were exceptional and surely will be remembered in the history of existence.

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