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The bathroom door plays several key roles in your home. First off, it provides you with the privacy that you need when you are in the bathroom. After all, the bathroom is probably the one place that you can go in the home and be completely alone with your thoughts. Secondly, they play a major role in the ambiance that is created inside the bathroom. Despite the fact that the bathroom door is so important it is usually completely overlooked during the design phase. Bathroom doors come in a variety of types and each type offers a unique feel that can warm or hurt the ambiance of your space. Here’s what you need to know about the types of bathroom doors available to you.

The Charming Barn Doors

When you are shopping with New Jersey’s best shower doors supplier you will no doubt have tons of choices, but you can never go wrong with the charming barn doors. These sliding doors really can make any bathroom feel warming and more inviting. They come available in a variety of styles, designs and colors, but you won’t have a problem finding one that suits your space. They also safe space because the door doesn’t swing open. This makes these doors perfect for the en-suite bathrooms.

The Pocket Doors

The pocket doors are also of the sliding variety and they can save an abundance of space. These doors are making a popular comeback amongst the home owning community. However, these doors will probably require a professional installer because the actually slide into the wall. The barn doors utilize a sliding rail that is installed on the outside of the wall. The installation for the pocket doors will be much more complex.

The Panel Doors

You will find that the panel doors are amongst the most common for bathrooms. They are simplistic and much easier to install. They usually have square or rectangular patterns located on the front of the doors. They can come available in single large panel designs or they can be comprised of several small panels. Do not be fooled by the simplistic look of these doors because it is this unique feature that makes them some versatile doors available. They can really provide a natural and warm look in a lot of different settings.

Classy French Doors

Everyone loves the classy French doors. These doors will hang on a hinge and the will swing towards each other and meet at the center when closed. They do take up a little bit more space, but they can provide the kind of elegance and nuance that some bathrooms require. They can be utilized in just about any setting and they adapt well with almost any style bathroom. The only problem with these doors is that they have glass panels in them, which won’t provide much privacy. These doors are probably much better for an en-suite bathroom rather than one located near the kitchen or living room.

Stained Glass Bathroom Doors

You might even be surprised to learn that manufacturers are now even making stained glass bathroom doors. This type of material can really provide a unique look coupled with the privacy that the bathroom requires. Stained glass offers the traditional feel of glass, but gives you the ability to tuck yourself away in privacy. They also usually have small panels that are arranged in a distinctive pattern, so you can easily choose a style that will mesh with the overall design of your bathroom.