3 Cool Ways to Modernize Your Bathroom

The days of an ugly, barely functional bathroom are over. Thanks to the advent of modern technology and design aesthetics, you can finally have the bathroom of your dreams complete with all sorts of quality of life improvements and a major paint job to go with it. But charging ahead into a major redesign or remodel on anything without a plan is pretty foolish, let alone something as critical as a bathroom. To help you along with all of this, here are three cool ways to modernize your bathroom and turn it into someplace you’re happy to have attached to your house rather than a requisite space everyone needs but no one can enjoy.

1. New Tiling

Many older bathrooms have simply grown accustomed to cracked, ugly tiles across the floor. It’s high time you change that with some fresh, modern sensibilities. Retiling the floor might be a big job, but it’s well worth it if you’re both improving the look of the floors and using better quality materials for a longer lasting setup. You could even tile the walls, making for an easier cleanup and more cohesive look for the entire room with far less chance of mold beginning to grow in a wet and humid environment.

2. Ergonomic Shower Heads

Not only do old fashioned shower heads waste water, they’re also typically quite limited in their scope. Installing a new one is an effective strategy for both saving money and giving you more options for cleaning, like with the addition of a detachable head you can move about the shower with you. Look for models that use less water without sacrificing pressure or spray, essentially meaning you’re being more environmentally friendly with little change to your usual routine.

3. Digital Controls

Digital controls are both a snazzy way to look cool as well as an overall good idea in a place where things are going to be constantly wet. Controls for the light and even the toilet are good ideas, as are digital shower control options. Instead of fumbling around trying to grip things or risking electrocution from a bad outlet, just use these safe and waterproofed digital controls for dimming and brightening lights, changing the flow and temperature of water, and much more. Places like ThearmaSol have these at a good value, meaning you won’t have to break the bank just for the sake of bringing your bathroom into the 21st century.

Bathrooms have a bad reputation for being gross, dingy, dirty, and undesirable, but you can work to change that by remodeling yours with these three cool ideas.