3 Places In Your House Where You Should Be Using Aluminium

Though most of us do not think on these lines, have you ever wondered what is the second most common metal after iron that is used for making household items? The answer is aluminium. Of course, setting a difference between individual metals is not something that people generally think about. 

However, this becomes an interesting take for the metal-literate. This increases the scope in the home decorating space for aluminium suppliers, You will perhaps find this metal in unexpected nooks and corners in the house, and that is what we will be looking at today.

Common uses of aluminium

  • Though most of us may not know it, a lot of things made out of aluminium can be considered as scrap metal. After steel, aluminium may be the most common scrap metal that one can find. 
  • The silvery rim seen on vehicles is made of aluminium. Even the soda cans so popular during summer are made of aluminium. 
  • Food foils, bike frames, golf clubs, faucets, patio furniture, fencing are few other things usually made of aluminium. 
  • Any silver wrappers that come with candy bars are also made from aluminium. 
  • Last but not least, your yoghurt cup, the dinner trays are also usually made with aluminium. 

Aluminium around the house

Now that the popularity of aluminium has been highlighted, it’s time to take a survey around the house to find out the three most common places that have the maximum number of equipment made with aluminium, or the most common areas around the house where aluminium is used. 

The basic powerlines in your house

Since aluminium is lightweight and durable, it is the ideal choice for the transportation of power over a long distance. However, this metal in the discussion is a pretty lousy conductor of energy; thus, it is often mixed with copper or boron in other cases. The best part about aluminium is that it does not support corrosion and does not require costly support in any way. So, you should be thankful for this metal. Otherwise, you would not be able to watch your favourite T.V. series so comfortably in your living room. 

Aluminium in the kitchen

Aluminium has been used in cooking and for storing foods for a very long time now, almost decades. Since it preserves the quality of the food items and medicines, lots of people prefer to keep their food items wrapped in aluminium foils. These foils, in turn, protect the food from the ravage of light microbes and air. 

Studies have been conducted to find out if aluminium from the food wraps gets in the human system. As it turns out, only a small amount is absorbed by the food, and the body eliminates that too in the long run. 

Aluminium in the bathroom

Bathroom sinks are often made of aluminium. However, in addition to that, many people choose to cover the lower half of the bathroom door to protect it from the damage created by water, termites, and insects. 

Since the bathroom is one of the wettest places in the house, the moisture can damage the frames of the wooden door. However, aluminium can protect it. 

So, there, it’s out for the metal enthusiasts. Though these are only three places in the house where aluminium is used, there are other places as well. Additionally, there are different types of equipment made of aluminium that make our life easy.