4 Tips for Selling Your Florida Home Quickly

If you own a house in Florida, now is a good time to sell if you want a profitable exchange. The US housing market is improving rapidly with rising prices, a supported domestic economy, and new construction everywhere you look. It’s a seller’s market all over the country, and you can make the best of that by selling your Florida home. 

People usually want quick sales because they’re moving soon. Whatever your reason, you’ll need some tips for selling your home very quickly.

Get a Great Real Estate Agent 

First and foremost, don’t begin your home-selling journey without a great real estate agent on your side. You might be considering selling your home without an agent, but that’s usually not wise. Homes tend to sell significantly faster and for much more money when you sell your home through a broker. 

Finding a good agent is the first big challenge. Begin by asking for recommendations. Friends and family in the area have likely gone through the buying and selling process and will have some good and bad reviews for you to consider. 

You can also read online reviews. As you read reviews, factor in the number of reviews that have been made as well as the number of stars an agent has received. An agent with four-and-a-half stars and 51 reviews will almost always be better than an agent with one review and five stars. 

Also, look for an agent who knows your area well. If you live in Carrollwood, Florida, for example, seek out a Carrollwood real estate agent because they’ll know the area best. An agent experienced in your neighborhood will help you move a property much faster than one who knows very little about it. 

Clean It Up 

Homes that show well always sell faster. Giving proper attention to your home before taking pictures and showing it to potential buyers is important. 

Begin with a thorough cleaning in which you remove clutter, dust, vacuum cobwebs, polish countertops, and make surfaces shine. Pay special attention to areas that tend to collect junk such as kitchen counters, magazine racks, fireplace mantels, tabletops, and laundry room shelves. Your home will show better and attract more buyers if they don’t have to see past your junk to understand the potential. 

Move the Furniture 

After you’ve cleaned it up, rearrange the furniture not in the way you like it, but in a way that optimizes the space. Buyers should be able to see the flow of the house as they walk through without maneuvering around awkward furniture. Sometimes, this means turning your furniture away from the television to create a more intimate setting. 

If it’s in the budget, consider having the property staged. Research shows that staging the property will help you sell your home faster and at a better price. 

Price It Right 

Aside from having an excellent agent, this is perhaps the most important aspect of selling your home quickly. A home that’s priced right from the very beginning will sell much faster than a home that you price high, hoping to get more out of it than it’s worth. 

You’ll always see the best activity during the first 30 days of listing the property, so make sure the right price is in front of buyers during that time. Analyze the market and come up with a price that your neighborhood market can sustain. 

Also, be willing to negotiate. You’ll have to make some sacrifices if you want to sell your house quickly, but when all is said and done, it’ll all be worthwhile. 

Keep in mind that these tips are designed to help speed up the process, but it’s hard to designate an actual timeline on the sale of your home. The best you can do is apply these four tips and hope for the best.