5 Cool Ways To Display Your Action Figures

If you are a collector of different action figures, you must know the joy of growing it. Every time you introduce a new resin-made guy to the group feels like an accomplishment until the grueling tasks of keeping them organized and using them for home decor start to haunt you.

Don’t fret. The thought of designing a cool place for your investments is the ultimate destination for hobbyists. For as long as you mind their order, you’re doing the best for your home and special items. Those who did not bother thinking of decent display storage for their toys end up with a cluttered room and a junky-looking collection. 

If you are a greenhorn to this and can’t figure out a way to arrange your action figures fashionably, here are some edgy ways to do so.

Keep Them in Their Original Packaging

Younger generations of toy collectors tend to unpack their items the same day it arrives. The unboxing and opening era brought by growing needs for content urges inexperienced people to trash or desecrate the original storage without knowing its true worth.

If you’re one of those who still keep the original packaging at home, you’re lucky as your decorating options are broader than others. With your action figures wearing their boxes, it would be easier to stack, hang, or arrange them in a feature wall. The possibilities are innumerable, and it’s up to your taste and skill to place them in a chic and practical manner.

Glass Doors on Cabinets

Cabinets protected with glass doors are the most popular storage solution for collectors who prefer their collection pieces to stay out of the box and mingle with other models. You can find them in antique stores, local furniture shops, and in popular places like IKEA. 

Built-in Shelves

A fancier way to keep your figures comfy, dirt-free, and organized is by having some built-in shelves pre-made in your chosen room. This type of storage may require a major renovation, so if you plan a grander place for your stuff, it’s more practical to include them in the house plan.

On the other hand, there are some ready-to-install shelving units that you can place in the desired setting. You may lodge them on your own, but do not create the shelves yourself as this would result in an imminent accident. If you want a highly modified built-in frame, call an experienced carpenter to do the job for you. Don’t forget to have some lights installed as well.

Tall Illuminated Frameless Glass Showcase

Whether you require a narrow or wide frameless glass showcase entirely depends on the available space. However, we recommend the smaller option as it won’t impose itself much in a room, unlike the bigger one. These are expensive storage solutions where you can display the star and the best of your collection. 

Stackable Display Cases

For regular-sized models, stackable display cases are the most reasonable accommodation. They are space-savvy, flexible, and compatible with a wide range of scales like POP vinyl, Nendoroids, and even custom figures like the ones you can order form Cheap Bobbleheads

To inject life into these cases, add your personal touch by painting the backdrop and adding lights. Some stackable cases you can buy online have these features already, but make sure you will get something sturdy and made of quality materials.