5 Great Decoration Ideas for Christmas Trees

Christmas is a time of year where decorators take pride in transforming their homes into holiday havens. For the passionate decorator, it is never too early to think about ways to spice up your schemes and palettes. One great and easy way to spice up your decor this holiday season is to get creative with your Christmas tree(s). Decorative risk can be exciting, and there is no better place to start than with the centerpiece of the holiday. From extravagant ribbons and oversized ornaments to rustic and neon color schemes, there are many paths the decorator can take when designing their Christmas tree. Wow your family and friends this holiday season with your creative and eclectic Balsam Hill tree. Here are a couple of ideas for different themed Christmas trees.

The Minimalist’s Tree: Celebrating the Pure Beauty of Pine

Pine trees provide the room with an arboreal charm. Minimalist minded decorators should embrace their pine tree’s natural beauty; a bare pine tree accented by earth tone décor will provide a house with a gentle Christmas spirit. Adorn your tree with simple ornaments and give it an effortless twinkle with simple lights. A bare tree with chic ornaments can be as satisfying as extravagant alternatives.

The Classic Tree: Oversized Ornaments and Regal Ribbons

A traditional Christmas scheme is timeless. There are many ways to use the traditional schemes, decorations, and styles of Christmas to make your house festive and elegant. The natural green of Balsam Hill trees provides the perfect canvas for your classic Christmas scheme. Pair this green tree with the reds of unique ornaments, silky ribbons, and festive berries for a vibrant feel; top your tree off with an oversized bow that sends ribbons to the ground. Your holiday guests will enter your home and immediately be filled with the Christmas spirit.

The Frosted Tree: Turn Your Home Into a Winter Wonderland

There is no better way to create a winter wonderland than with a frosted tree and decoration scheme. Wake up on Christmas morning and enjoy opening presents and drinking hot chocolate in a room that gives Narnia vibes–a frosted tree is a statement choice. Give your tree a sophisticated aesthetic with silver and white ornaments paired with ribbon. A frosted tree is at once grand and inviting; friends, family and guests will be transported to an elegant and cozy winter wonderland.

The Rustic Tree: Turn Your Living Room Into a Cabin Getaway

What better way to make your living room feel like a cabin than to use the forest as decoration inspiration? This Christmas season, give your tree a rustic vibe by bringing the forest into the living room. Use your tree as a piece to evoke nature feels by using wooden and earth-toned decorations; accent your tree with frosted pinecones and golden lights for an earthy atmosphere.

The Neon Tree: Get Funky and Festive This Christmas

For many, a neon pink tree has remained on the decorative back burner. There is no better way to get creative this holiday season than with a neon-colored tree. The bold and vibrant pink backdrop offers a great canvas for giving any holiday palette a funky twist. Make your living room pretty in pink with a playful neon statement tree.

The Christmas season is an exciting time of year for passionate decorators. A time of the year when your home is opened to friends and family, Christmas is a great time to make your house welcoming and festive. Christmas trees are a great canvas and tool for getting playful and creative. There are a large variety of different schemes and designs you can play with for creating your ideal tree.