5 home solutions that can save you time and money

Home maintenance, home repair and home building solutions may not be created equal. But they are all significant pieces of a home’s value and structural integrity. There are so many details to consider when facing a home’s overall needs. Addressing some of the top home solutions that can save you time and money is a great place to start.


Concrete floors have been used as durable solutions in many indoor/outdoor commercial settings such as malls and restaurants. The concrete flooring option is a good one because it makes sense in high-traffic areas and can be custom designed. Plus it costs little to maintain.

Today’s homes are jumping on the concrete flooring wagon because of these reasons, as well as for concrete’s versatility, design options and flair. Old and new concrete floors benefit from slip-resistant design with fabulous textures, polished finishes and various staining creations.

Imagine taking that tired concrete floor that once hosted the kid’s bikes, old tools, and the car’s oil pan drips. The Husqvana Hiperfloor delivers superior quality concrete floor services that can save you money and time to get that floor looking better than new.

Through strategic grinding, polishing and special chemical treatment methods, old concrete floors of all shapes and sizes are brought to a whole new life. Easy cleaning and minimal maintenance costs make this flooring option a top go-to for saving time and money on beautiful floors.


Homeowners who have homeowners insurance to cover the costs of damage due to weather issues and burglaries are in good hands, should nothing else require financial attention. But what if your furnace or refrigerator goes out? How about electric or water lines that cause problems to any part of your property? Homeowners insurance rarely focuses on this type of coverage.

Adding a home warranty supplement plan to your homeowner’s insurance plan can help reduce costs significantly. Repair and maintenance coverage for regular household items such as appliances, fixtures, air-conditioning, gas lines and more means added security, protection and savings for everyday living needs.


Water usage in homes can be a little deceiving. While water isn’t always turned on to flow, its cost does add up when water is used on a daily basis. Consider how much water one flush of a toilet uses. Consider how much water is used during bathing, laundry cycles and household cleaning. If your home requires watering for landscape that can increase water costs even more.

To save time and money on water usage, update water elements used most frequently with products that help to actually conserve water. A high-efficiency shower head is a quick and easy solution. Niagara’s Earth Showerhead can help reduce the water flow through the hot water heater while providing a strong, steady flow for optimal bathing.

Water faucets can also be a bone of contention when trying to salvage water and hone in on lowering costs. While turning off the tap is a great way to save money, there are options which also reduce water flow. Much like the shower head mentioned above, an aerator can help. Also, faucet models that reduce flow allows a potential of a 30% increase in efficiency factor. No more excess money down the drain with these quick and easy fixes.


A house feels more like a home when personalized touches are added. Whether you are in a small apartment-style home or a larger single-family style home, costs can add up where furnishing and decorating expenses come in. Often, costs potentially increase when an organized purchasing plan has gone by the wayside.

There are so many ways to avoid extensive spending when decorating or designing a home. One great way is to take advantage of free design consultations. Home furnishing stores and home improvement stores are widely available to help. Paint stores and even clothing retailers can offer unique ways to address specific building, color, pattern, and display concerns. Online resources are also great for saving money on designing strategies. You can also purchase design magazines which won’t necessarily break the bank. But, free is always better.


Landscaping is a beautiful way to enhance a home’s allure, comfort and curb appeal. There are endless possibilities to creating extraordinary landscaping accents; but this can often be a very expensive endeavor.

Whether you are have a green thumb or not, landscaping strategies that cost less makes sense on so many levels. For example, shopping local home improvement garden stores often have sales on plants, shrubs and trees. These sales include items that are either in need of a little TLC or have come close to the end of their proper planting season. Some items are being discontinued. Their loss is your gain. Sometimes even cheaper by the dozen, as they say.

Another way to save on gardening is transplanting existing plants to other locations. No need to waste hard-earned money on buying more plants. If you plant a boxwood shrub in one corner and discover you don’t like it there, save money by transplanting it to another location.

Divide and conquer is another landscaping strategy that entails splitting or dividing plants into sections before planting. This is a great money-saver because you’re getting at least 2 plants for the price of 1. Plants go further and so does your cash flow.

Word-of-mouth solutions from friends and family that have experience in finding home solutions can certainly offer worthy food for thought. Finding home solutions that save time and money doesn’t have to turn into a nightmare project. Think smart, not fast and get those home solutions in the books.