9 Delightful Ideas to Decorate your Kid’s Room in Budget

A well-decorated room would always make your child cheerful and happy. If you are thinking about revamping the decor of your kid’s room, there are a huge number of ideas you can apply. Well, if you think that adorning your kid’s room would be an expensive job, worry not. There are several decoration ideas which won’t need you to spend much.
When decorating your child’s room, you can be as creative as you can. However, you also need to be practical along with being creative. A child’s room is different from that of an adult. Pay heed to convenient storage, and make safety of your child the priority when decorating your child’s room. And yes, consider involving your child too in the room decor venture. This would not only be an interesting activity for your kid, but also teach him/her the importance of cleanliness, placing things at proper places, and keeping the room in a good condition.
If you are short of ideas, here are some decor tips for revamping your child’s room within a budget:

1. Build shelves

This seems to be a no-brainier. However, some parents may think that children don’t like to use shelves. Contrastingly, many children love reading books. They would find it convenient to reach their novels and stories from a well-organized shelf.
Another advantage of having shelves is that they can be installed up to the ceiling, which would increase the storage space overhead. However, if you build shelves reaching the ceiling, ensure that your children are old enough to reach things safely that are much above their heads.

2. Let seats be storage spaces

Replace the traditional pint-sized chairs with box-shaped ones having hollow interiors. You can find several child-friendly seats available in the market, which come with cabinets for storing the favorite stuff of kids.
However, if you use cabinets, ensure that your children are old enough to safely handle cabinets. For toddlers, there’s a risk of their little fingers getting hurt by the cabinet doors. A child may find the slamming of cabinet doors interesting, and may want to mimic the activity.

3. Utilize the existing stuff

You can go for purchasing new storage solutions, which blend function with great interior design. However, that would be expensive. The alternative, inexpensive option is to use things that you already have for storing your child’s things.
If you have old bookshelves, re purpose them to create horizontal storage boxes to place your kid’s toys. You don’t need to impose very strict rules for room maintenance. However, it’s good to start teaching your child how to keep their rooms tidy and in proper order.

4. Keep toys and books in cube storage

Storage cubes are great to display attractive things and store books and toys. If you like doing DIY projects, you can go for building your own “boxes” against a wall. Use leftover paint for painting the interiors of some of the boxes in a bright color.

5. Paint stripes in shelves

Revamp the study area of your child’s room with stripes of vibrant colors, highlighting the shelves over the desk. Use leftover paint from previous decoration projects, to keep it inexpensive.

6. Put wall sticker

Have some blank space on a wall? Give it an interesting look using a wall sticker. You can find loads of good designs for a kid’s bedroom, and it’s easier to put them up as compared to wallpaper.

7. Put a draw-on frames wallpaper

This is a special wallpaper that lets you draw on it. Put it in your children’s room, to let them unleash their creativity. You can also save on the cost of photo frames by gluing prints in the “frames” of wallpaper.

8. Add attention-drawing accessories

A simple accessory like a multicolored bunting hanging up on a wall, can add a carnival feel and an appeal to a kid’s room. If you are proficient in die cutting, you can create cool designs and crafts in fabric or paper. All you need is a quality die cut equipment. Make cards, scrapbooks, and designs of flowers, animals, snowflakes, and much more. Hang or stick them on walls, furniture, and other appropriate places.

9. Use colorful storage boxes

Add interest to plain shelves with colorful boxes for storage. You can also go for hanging a chic string of bunting to add a lively feel to a room with an all-white color scheme. 

These are some inexpensive and interesting ideas to decorate your child’s room. So, take your kid along and get started with the decor venture. Your child would surely enjoy participating in the project, and would be happy to see the resultant, well-decorated room with a new look and feel.