8 home decor design risks worth taking

What’s your home decor personality? Are you: quirky, minimalistic, neutral, over-the-top or on the safe side?

Homeowners and renters alike tend to play and remain safe when it comes to home decor and design. No one can really blame them with their choices for donning a unique decor requires taking great risks which only a selected few are capable of taking.

This is understandable for only one completely off mix-match decor, you’ll have to redo the whole decor you’re going after. It could be a real nightmare.

Would you be kind to keep this in mind: you are the one in full control of what to do in your home. You, no one else, are the only one you need to please with the decor. Stop thinking about how your guests will react to your bright yellow sofa or bright pink room, it’s your home and you’re free to design, decor and fill it with objects that represents your personality.

Here are few ideas to get you started:

#1: Create an accent wall

Photo source: Decoist

Accent walls are nothing new. In fact, it a popular home decor upgrade for quite some time now. The thing is, people’s perspective of creating an accent wall is simply settling for an accent color which can be really boring especially if it doesn’t go well visually in the space.

The key to achieving a striking accent wall you won’t regret greatly is creating a pattern that fits the overall atmosphere of the room. Let it modify the shape, size and overall look of the room.

#2: Unusual artworks

Unusual artworks – Starwars on Etsy

What do we mean by unusual artworks? It should be out of the ordinary; one that people wouldn’t expect it be art that you put on display. 

Have you recently crafted an artwork that seems abstract and unlikely to be shown off? Be confident. Don’t refrain yourself from suppressing your likes for the benefit of others. Try out different combinations and see what suits you and of course, your decor. 
#3: Mismatched furnitures
Matchy-matchy furniture sets — dining room sets, living room set and bedroom sets are decades ago. Sets of furnitures call for uniformity however, isn’t that boring? How would you like to mismatch things for a change?

It’s 2016, try going out of the norm and dress your space with mismatched furnitures that of course, compliments on another. Sprucing it up with variations make the space interesting and more appealing.

#4: Say yes with patterns

Not everyone are fond and comfortable working with prints and patterns. Some find it too much while others find it pleasing to the eyes.

The key to working hand in hand with patterns seamlessly is simply knowing how to mix patterns like an expert. Patterns and prints add life to a space so be sure to choose what you like and know how to play with them sparingly.

#5: Go the dark side

People love neutral colors and they’re in love with a white-walled room which gives an airy atmosphere. But didn’t you ever think of going a little dark? Bend the rules a little.

A simple trick to pull this off: pain your room with a dark hue but the ceiling with a light color. Also, open your windows, let the light in to make the room seem bright even if the walls aren’t.

#6: Paint your ceiling

Ceiling are often left white or neutral to give the illusion of a higher, open space. Step it up. Paint it a different color or even a pattern to give that dramatic effect. We bet your guests will lift their heads up for a delight.

#7: Utilize unlikely objects as furnitures (untraditional furnitures such as luggage as side table or coffee table)
Basic can be boring. It do not illustrate variation and personalization. Don’t you want to have something in your home that can only be found there?

Do you have an old luggage you no longer use? Use it a storage which doubles as coffee table or side table. Don’t hide your kid’s toys, use them as display. Also, utilize the palette sitting at your warehouse as a side table or chair. Spark your creativity.

#8: Paint your door or door trims

Stop playing safe with door color. Make it pop and standout from the rest of the space. Paint the trim or the doorway frame for a splash of color.

This is also great for those who want to keep their walls neutral or white. Leave the surprising element on your door by painting it bright.

It’s a “go big or go home” kind of risk taking; are you down opting for home kits instead of building one yourself or renting? These risks can be big or small but regardless, they’re worth trying if and only if you’ve done your research and are sure of your choice.

What other decor risks are you willing to take? Share it with us!

Chie Suarez is a passionate writer for PAAL Kit Homes, a company that manufactures and supplies steel-framed kit homes that help Australian families build their dream home. Chie has a deep interest in home design and decoration.