5 Signs You Need a New Roof

Owning your own home comes with many benefits; however, it also comes with many responsibilities that you didn’t have when you rented a place instead. One of those responsibilities is taking care of your roof. Whether it needs inspecting by a professional Bentonville roofing inspector, repairing, or replacing, you are the one that now needs to see the problem and call in a reputable roofing company to fix it.

It is important to note at this point, that if you see a problem with your roof, it’s best to call in a reputable company such as Reno-Roof Repair, instead of trying to take care of the problem on your own. A reputable company like this one knows what needs to be done to get your roof back in tip-top shape for you and the family you love. Reno-Roof Repair is the leading authority on anything roofing related in the area. But, how do you know when you need a new roof?

Well, there are obvious signs, such as trees hanging over your roof causing damage. There are quite a few reasons to remove a tree from your yard, one being too close to your house and damaging your roof is certainly one of them. There are quite a few other signs that you need a new roof to watch out for as well. Read on below for a few of them to be revealed.

Your electric bills are increasingly getting higher.

While there are many reasons for high electric bills, a damaged or leaking roof is certainly one of the main ones. Poor insulation is among the top causes of skyrocketing electric bills. If you have noticed your bills steadily climbing over the last year, it could be because your roof is damaged and needs to be replaced.

Your roof is old.

As with every other thing in your home, your roof is not going to last forever. While there is no tried-and-true age that you need to replace your roof by, it’s thought that if your roof is shingled, it will probably need to be replaced every 12 to 20 years. The time a roof lasts is determined by the type of roof it is, how you maintain it over the years, and how professional and good the company is that installed the roof for you, to begin with.

Your roof is missing shingles.

While most homeowners don’t make a habit of climbing up on their roofs to see if shingles are missing, it is something you need to think about occasionally, especially if you have recently had a bad storm come through. If you’ve noticed missing shingles, it’s time to call in the professionals. You’re probably going to need a new roof.

You see daylight seeping into your home.

This one might be a bit obvious, but it does bear talking about. If you can see daylight seeping into your home from the ceiling, then you need a new roof. Also, if you have an attic, venture up there on a sunny day and see if you can see sunlight coming through the ceiling. This is also a sign that you need to call a roofing company right away.

Your roof is leaking.

Of course, you know that if your roof is leaking you probably need a new roof, but many homeowners don’t notice those little brown spots on the ceiling when they first appear. Make sure to call in the professionals, if you find that your roof is leaking as soon as possible.

These are just a few of the biggest signs that you might need a new roof. Remember, it’s better to call in the professionals to take care of roofing work, as it can be dangerous for everyone concerned.