5 ways to redecorate your home for winter

Many people love winter. From the incredibly beautiful sight of an expanse of new fallen snow glittering in the moonlight to the delightfully cool weather as it pushes away the heat and humidity, winter is a season of lovely experiences. At the same time, winter can also feel like and endless parade of cold and ice. Fortunately, you can turn your home into an elegant and cozy retreat filled with light, color and pleasing textures.

Warm and Beautiful Rugs

Warm up your home with lots of soft rugs. Hardwood floors are ideal for use during the summer. When winter arrives, you want to brighten up your spaces with rugs that offer a relaxing place to put your feet. Bring your existing rugs out of storage and lay them down in the dining room and living room. Now is the time to think about buying new rugs. Look for rugs that match your personal style and taste. Good quality rugs will last many years and add an extra layer of insulation to your floors at the same time. Rugs will also protect your delicate hardwood from water damage after snow or heavy rains.

Cheerful Wreaths

Adding detail to your home is the perfect way to redecorate easily. Wreaths bring in life, movement and wonderful textures and can be taken off and stored away when not in use. A cheery winter wreath makes a great accessory that adds interest and creates a focal point in any room. You’ll find lots of wreaths for sale in your local store. You can also make your own with the use of a wreath base. The base is easy to use top with your favorite material. There’s lots of different types of materials you can use to top it. For example, if you love the outdoors, use natural materials such as dried flowers and your favorite leaves. Get creative and use items you have around the house. Look through your old sweaters and other discarded fabric remnants. Stuff them with batting to create thicker materials. Then wrap the fabric around the wreath base and tie in place with wires. You’ll have your own keepsake that’s also a work of art.

Light It Up

As the days get shorter, there’s less light inside. You want to bring the light back and make everything else in your home shine. Think about the kind of light choices you want to use in each room as winter arrives and settles in. For example, bring in a sense of romance in the bath with the use of scattered candles in pretty tones that give off a lovely scent. Keep a selection on hand that you can use when you’re in the mood for a long, hot bath on a cold winter day. Candles can also be used in other areas of your home to add useful light. Place them across the mantlepiece and next to the kitchen windows. At night, you can use different types of lights in varied places all over your home and tailor each one to each individual room. Place fairy lights outside your door and along the windows to welcome guests for a midwinter party. Use uplights in your living room for a splash of drama that will stand out against the darkness. Wall scones are full of personality and make it easier for people to find their way across the hallway in the middle of the night. Children love nightlights. Bring them with you to pick out one they like best.

Bring On the Color

When winter white is everywhere, you want to liven up your interior spaces and bring on additional colors. Different types of colors can be incorporated in each room in your home to bring your look up to date. Primary colors stand out well against white walls. Place photographs, prints and paintings along the wall in shades of red, blue, yellow and green to break out the large neutral spaces. Bold colors make a bold statement that makes it easy to go from the outdoors inside. Other colors work equally well. For example, use gold and silver to create a subtle sense of elegance that pays homage to the holidays. Spray paint pine cones with silver and bronze paint. Place them in a centerpiece in the middle of your dining room table on a bowl in an equally interesting bright color. Wrap leftover tinsel along the side of the stairs and keep the holiday spirit going all winter long. For additional color and protection against the elements, bring out the navy or plum winter velvet curtains. Hang them along a beautifully textured rod with your favorite finials. The curtains make the room warmer and add lots of color at the same time.

Pillows and Slipcovers

Another way to add lots of fabric to your home for the winter is with pillows and slipcovers. Pillows are available in endless variations. You’ll find pillows for your couch, bed, guest bedroom and all areas in your Logan new homes. You can take your summer pillows and recover them with winter pillowcases. If you’re good at sewing, you can make your own and create an original look. Plain pillows come to life with lush fabrics designed especially for winter like thick cottons and satins with lots of light. Experiment with pillows of different sizes for comfort while you take a Sunday winter nap. Slipcovers are another useful tool in your arsenal of winter redecoration tricks. Ready made slipcovers pop over your sofa in matter of minutes. Many companies offer slipcovers that are specifically designed to help take away the winter chill and protect your precious furnishings from winter food stains. Those who love to sew can also make their own personal slipcovers. Many companies offer ready made patterns that are easy to put together quickly as the days get shorter. When the weather warms up again, you can take them off and put them in storage.