A Key to Your Castle: 5 Things Every New Homeowner Should Do First

Moving into a new home can be thrilling, but there’s a lot to be done once the keys are handed over. Be sure everything on this list is completed as soon as possible to ensure you have all of the basics for the new home and so you can try to prevent major issues that may arise. 

Look for New Furniture for the Home

Most people are going to need at least a few new pieces of furniture when they move to a new home, especially if they’re moving to a home with more space. While it might not be a good idea to fill the home with furniture right away, it’s a good idea to at least get the essentials as soon as possible. New homeowners can find furniture online and have it delivered to the home to save time. 

Change the Locks

Who has a key to the house? While all keys are supposed to be handed over, there’s really no way to tell if they have been. The previous owner’s family members, babysitter, or dog walker might still have a key. To be sure the new homeowner is the only one with a set of keys, they should go ahead and change the locks in the home. This gives them the chance to make sure they have the only keys to the home and to upgrade the locks if they want. 

Buy Basic Tools

Every homeowner should have basic tools at the new home just in case something happens. A hammer, screwdrivers, pliers, and other basic tools should be readily available in a small toolbox from the time the homeowner is first able to enter their new home. If something does happen while they’re moving in, they’ll have the tool to take care of it right away. 

Locate Shut Off Valves and Circuit Breakers

It’s important for homeowners to know how to shut off water, gas, and electricity to the home just in case there’s an emergency. While there shouldn’t be anything the day they move in, it could happen. When they go to their new home for the first time, they should make sure they check the location of shut off valves for the water and gas and find the breaker for the electricity just so they know where everything is. Don’t forget to find the main shut off valve for the water. 

Deep Clean the House

Tons of people likely walked through the home before it was sold, so even if the previous homeowner had it cleaned before it was listed, it’s a good idea to deep clean everything again. This is much easier to do before the furniture arrives, so the day they get the keys is likely the best day to do it. When the new homeowners are cleaning the home, they can also spot anything that might need to be repaired or that they should keep their eye on in the future. Plus, it ensures they have a nice, clean home for all of their belongings. 

If you’ve just gotten the keys to your new home, make sure you do the things on this list. This will help you make sure that you have the essentials ready when you move in and enable you to minimize the potential for a huge disaster.