Chicago Interior Design Trends You Can Copy for Your Home

Chicago is known for its residential architecture and beautiful interior designs. Homes in Chicago range from bungalows and cottages to courtyards and two-floor flats. If you’ve been in Chicago for a long time, you probably had the chance to live in one of these types of houses. You may have also noticed its distinct character in interior design.

Here are some interior design trends that you can take away from a Chicago home.

Unconventional Decors

Chicago homes tend to be more unconventional when it comes to design. You’ll see things that we don’t usually see inside a house in a modern city, such as the following:

  • They use patterns that are out of the ordinary and use upscaled versions of any decorative items, like sculpture, frames, and vases.
  • There could be a fully grown stuffed peacock hanging on a wall or a giant cricket on a countertop.
  • You may be able to see a carpet with intricate patterns not on the floor but on the wall.

Vibrant Colors

In recent years, their inclination to greys and whites has receded, and they are now fascinated with layers of colors. From wall paint to furniture, a Chicago home will not settle for dull and lifeless colors. They’re going for vibrant and strong ones, like teal and deep blue. They also add a splash of orange and red or even gold.

Funky Lighting

Lights add great appeal to any room. A lighting fixture will dictate the character in a room. Chicago homes are going for funky designs. Abstract looking lightings totally describe their personality. A house becomes chic and cool with unique funky lights that give any room a sense of homeyness.

View of the Outdoors

People are getting more and more interested in landscape and gardening. Having a house that connects the living room or the kitchen to the garden is a perfect place to be. Nothing beats nature when it comes to relieving stress and pressure from a long day or simply enjoying the sunlight while having coffee.

Hence, windows are getting bigger to get a glimpse of the outdoors. This also makes a home look airy and bright. Natural light lets those fancy colors shine and come out.

Cool Wallpapers

You may not be a fan of wallpapers because you can still remember your grandmother’s house and how it looked like with the wallpaper back in the days. However, even wallpapers have seen the glory of the modern era. Patterns and designs are getting more and more interesting, especially those that are embedded with different materials, such as beads, shells, and even glass. They can transform a wall from plain to cool and fashionable.

Choose a wallpaper design that will match your character. Heck, it doesn’t even have to match your furniture like the good old days.


Texture has always been a great accent to any house. Use bricks or stones and pieces of rough wood. These materials aren’t only used for the outside of the house anymore. You may even see them on ceilings and bedrooms.

There are no more rules when it comes to design. There are no limitations on where you can use wood or stones. As long as they look good, they can go anywhere. This is what modern designers like MOOD Design + Build believe when creating a design for their clients. Your home design should best fit your personality and character so that every corner of your home will spark joy.

In designing a home, it’s important that you consider the overall functionality of the house.  Designing is not just putting decors or deciding what color to use or which furniture to get. It’s letting the house do what it’s supposed to do, and that’s to make you comfortable living in it. It should shout “Come home!” every time you think of it. This is what head interior designer Candy Scott would go for.

A house isn’t a home if you don’t feel like spending your time in it. Interior decoration plays a significant role in achieving this. It is when you put your own personal touch even if it’s just a rented place. Incorporating these trends in Chicago interior design may help find your taste when decorating your place. Remember, you don’t decorate to please others; you decorate to please yourself. After all, you’re the one going to live in your house and not anyone else.