Moving into a new house is a hassle. There are, however, a couple of things you should do before moving in.

Below is a list of tasks you should do to be able to enjoy life in your new house.

  • Change the locks

It is crucial to keep your family safe at all costs. This means changing the locks of your new apartment. This should be a natural first step that is done before moving in. You do not want to risk a break in that could threaten your safety and possessions.  

  • Check for plumbing leaks

Plumbing should be done by the home inspector before moving in. Despite that, you should always check for any plumbing leaks. Check for dripping faucets, a leaking water heater and running water. In case of any leaks seek the professional services of Broward Plumbing.

If you do not intend to do any plumbing right away, it is also right for you to also check for plumbing leaks. At least you will have an idea of where there are plumbing leaks and will attend to them in due time.

  • Update your address

This does not have to be a long process. There are various companies that offer movers mail forwarding services. It only takes a few minutes of your time and you are ready with your new address.

  • Change the toilet seats

Swapping your toilet seats will make you feel comfortable and settled. You will not have to wonder about the cleanliness of the previous owners. It is also advisable to get a toilet seat that is detachable. This will make toilet scrubbing easier for a sparkly toilet.

  • Check smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors

Before moving into the new house, make sure you check all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. It is advisable not to sleep a single night before you check for the above. Get a new pair of batteries and check every alarm.

There are houses that will not have any carbon monoxide detectors installed. It is recommended to purchase one in order to safeguard the lives of your family members. With all the equipment in our homes like gas cookers and gas fireplaces that emit carbon monoxide, having detectors will come in handy.

  • Find the breaker box

A multitude of people will not look for the breaker box before they move into a new house. This is dangerous as you could find yourself one day looking for the breaker box with only a flashlight.

While doing this, also look for the main water shut off valve and valves that also shut off the main gas supply. The earlier you look for them, the better.

  • Clean the cabinets and closets

Before unpacking your clothes or loading dishes into the dishwasher, it is essential to wipe the cabinets and closets.

It is also good to tackle other major maintenance tasks like unclogging coils, basic cleaning and flushing the water heater. Doing all these simple tasks will make it easy for you to schedule a maintenance list.